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A Battle With No Front

BESTPIX France Deploys 10,000 Troops To Boost Security After Attacks

Gilad Atzmon Global News Centre

Submitted by Ace Knight

Yesterday morning, the news was broadcast of extensive ‘heroic’ allied drone attacks in Iraq and Syria in support of the battle for Sinjar. We also learned about the assassination of Jihadi John. We were told some revenge might be on the way. As promised, last night Paris was bathing in blood.

Welcome to World War III – a global conflict with unlimited battlefronts. We, as people of the world, are all caught in the middle in this disaster. We see that our universe is crumbling, we want peace, yet we don’t even know who the enemy is.

Gaza Strong!!!: International Youth Project 4 Gaza & Celebrities for Palestine 2015


I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people —Maya Angelou

Angelou’s passion for equality, tolerance and peace naturally placed her on the same path as the Palestinian people’s quest for freedom. In the video below, recorded in 2006, she reads out an email from American peace activist Rachel Corrie in which Corrie shares her thoughts on the struggle for justice. Maya Aneglou Reads Rachel Corrie’s Email

Judaism Versus Jewish Identity Politics: Religion Versus Tribalism

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Global News Centre

Wednesday May 6th 7:30 pm Theatre 80
80 St. Marks Place, New York, NY

Two prominent thinkers, the ultra orthodox Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, and philosopher, Jazz artist and ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon, meet to discuss hard questions about Judaism, Jewish politics and the meaning of Jewishness. This unique gathering, the first of its kind, promises to help you unravel the tangled web of secular Jewish politics, right and left.

After the discussion there will be a live Jazz jam session featuring some of New York City’s preeminent musical artists.

10$ suggested donation to attend both the discussion and jazz concert afterwards. 5$ suggested donation to attend the Jazz concert afterwards only.


Gilad Atzmon on George Galloway’s Sputnik RT

George Galloway

George Galloway

Gilad Atzmon gives Israel the blues…

Intro by Ken O’Keefe Global News Centre

(LONDON)  Getting beyond George Galloway’s insulting positions regarding 911, the ©Holocaust and various other sundries, Gilad is brilliant. A dear friend and brother, and I can assure you he is not on the same page as Galloway on the above issues and more.

British musician slams US on Palestine’s UN bid‘I thought it was Palestine’s victory,’ says Gilad Atzmon on US’s opposition to Palestinians’ statehood bid

Global News Centre

(LONDON)  British-Israeli jazz musician Gilad Atzmon has harshly criticized the vote by the U.S. opposing the Palestinian statehood bid at the U.N.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency as part of a promotion campaign for his February concert with Turkey’s renowned musician Mercan Dede, Atzmon said that it was clear the majority of the states supported Palestinian’s the U.N. bid which called for an end to Israeli occupation within three years.

Gaza Parkour: Welcome 2 My Gallery By Jamal Belica

A collaboration between young people and activists in the United States and young people in Gaza. Amazing.

Denny Cormier  Gaza

Gilad Atzmon on ‘Jew, Judaism, Jewishness’ – an interview with Bill Alford

The Wandering Who?



Author of runaway best seller The Wandering Who? discusses Three Jewish ID Categories: Religious Jew, Born a Jew and Politicized Jew aka Jewishness.

Jewishness pertains most. It is a problematic mix of ideology and culture. Atzmon characterized Jewishness as different manifestations of Jewish self-loving. Zionism, he observes, is just one form of Jewishness amongst many. Jewish Left is as exeptionalist and similarly exclusive.

Atzmon emphasizes the bane of Political Correctness – politics that allows for no opposition. He submits Political Correctness has been a Jewish Left Project for forty years, the period hearts & minds of The West have been essentially captured.

The important questions about Israel, and its supporting Lobby, are not even asked – What Is Jewishness and what are the relationships between Jews, Judaism, Zionism and Jewishness?

Ken O’Keefe – 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers – Tehran 2014


Submitted by Jamal Belica Global News Centre Special

Ken O’Keefe Is My Hero —JB of Aldin Entertainment Music Group

This was Ken O’Keefe’s short introduction & speech at the 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers held in Tehran, Iran from September 28-October 1, 2014. Isn’t it amazing that Iran can host such a meeting while the “freedom loving West” could never muster such a conference. Very predictably the so-called ‘Anti-defamation League’, an organisation set up to defame people, labelled the conference a “hate fest” with Ken O’Keefe and others smeared with the “anti-semite” and “conspiracy theorist” titles. O’Keefe promptly thanked the ADL on Twitter for such esteemed “honour”.

Mazal Tov- Jewish Leader Indicted For Calling Dieudonne ‘Anti-Semite’

Roger Cukierman

Gilad Atzmon Writings 

Global News Centre

The President of CRIF, France’s largest Jewish Lobby that specializes in harassing and terrorising the French political elite was indicted on Monday for defamation. Roger Cukierman was cited for remarks he made in an interview on Europe 1 in which he called Dieudonne Mbla Mbla, – France’s No 1 comedian, a “professional anti-Semite.”

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