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Volcania Radio With Richie Allen Feat. Special Guest Ken O’Keefe TJP

1Volcania Radio With Richie Allen Feat. Special Guest Ken O’Keefe TJP

David Icke

Submitted by Jamal Belica

 Tim King Global News Centre

Circumciser Tries and FAILS to Defend Violating Children

BloodStained Men

During the four day Bloodstained Men & Friends protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics Convention in San Diego, a circumciser (Claudia Fruin) approached the genital autonomy demonstrators and tried to defend 25 years of violating children’s genitals.

Published by Allyson Zoto Global News Centre

EBOLA OUTBREAK: genocide or bad vaccine?


Different United States government agencies have a long history of doing allegedly defensive biological warfare research at labs in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Did the current outbreak result from ineffective Ebola vaccines given to local populations?

Robert O’Dowd Global News Centre

(SALEM) – For those of us who believe that Ebola is threat to the human race, the ‘breaking news’ is that nano silver, 10 ppm, an inexpensive nutrient, is a cure for Ebola. The facts are nano silver, 10 ppm, is now being used in Sierra Leone to cure patients infected with Ebola.

Let’s Get Something Done

Published by Pla2Wen

Truth In A World Of Deception

Americans are “conditioned” to identify themselves with, and separate themselves into factions, classes, opposing groups, special interests. By focusing on our personal and divisive issues we give up any hope of mass consensus and real progress. Multi-party systems are simply exercises in chaos. Progress and reform is only seen when the public moves in broad unity. The political party system is especially effective at preventing public unity and public control of government. (Video Description)

High levels of toxic molds identified in herbal medicines


High levels of toxic molds were identified among 30 samples of plants commonly used for herbal medicines. These molds could cause serious illness in humans.

Published by Allyson Zoto Global News Centre

Written by Honor Whiteman

Rather than prescription or over-the-counter drugs, many of us use herbal medicines to relieve pain or treat illnesses. But a new study published in the journal Fungal Biology claims some herbal medicines are contaminated with toxic molds at levels that pose harm to human health.

What women want ?!

377582_554858051200934_1959336867_nInspired by: The Death of Feminism

Nahida Izzat Global News Centre

(LONDON)  Women want to be women

 Confident with her femininity,  not a man-like being

 Women want to dress like a woman, elegant, modest and serene

Mazal Tov- Jewish Leader Indicted For Calling Dieudonne ‘Anti-Semite’

Roger Cukierman

Gilad Atzmon Writings 

Global News Centre

The President of CRIF, France’s largest Jewish Lobby that specializes in harassing and terrorising the French political elite was indicted on Monday for defamation. Roger Cukierman was cited for remarks he made in an interview on Europe 1 in which he called Dieudonne Mbla Mbla, – France’s No 1 comedian, a “professional anti-Semite.”

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