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U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and her sordid investigation!


Senators Claire McCaskill and Orrin Hatch

Claire McCaskill and Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch is working for the wrong side…

Marianne Skolek-Perez Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)   Someone may want to inform Senator Claire McCaskill that her recent call for an investigation into the prescription opioid epidemic was already launched by the U.S. Finance Committee in 2012 and as of 2017 there is still no report.  So why would McCaskill demand action on an epidemic killing in the thousands every year when she is aware the waters are not unchartered?  Let me try to enlighten those people, including McCaskill, why not everyone is buying what she is selling.

Without prevention, outrage and leadership, the Prescription Opioid/Heroin Epidemic will worsen in 2017

George Soros photo courtesy: Wikipedia

George Soros photo courtesy: Wikipedia

It will not be a good year for many in 2017 — for others, it will be very lucrative and his name is George Soros as a benefactor to “hitched stars.”

Marianne Skolek-Perez Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)  I recently wrote an article for Global News Centre and Salem-News.com that generated quite a flurry of concern and discussion — the evil reach of George Soros in his attempts to legalize drugs in the U.S. and also Partnership for a Drug Free Kids funded by the FDA and Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin.  Links to these articles are shown below.

Target Stores mock parents who have lost children to the prescription opioid/heroin epidemic!

syringe pensHopefully Target’s profits for Christmas shopping will reflect families outrage in all 50 states for mocking the prescription opioid/heroin epidemic — and the loss of the lives of children.

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)  Target Stores have been promoting a “Spritz Halloween Syringe Pen” for sale in their “family” stores all over the country.  (Photo of syringe pens are shown).  When I learned of Target’s outrageous retail practice of profiting from a drug epidemic which is resulting in deaths and addictions in the tens of thousands, I emailed the following to John Mulligan, Executive VP:

U.S. Senate Committee on Finance investigation silent on prescription opioid epidemic. Why?

Do we continue to lose a generation of our young people because pharma and their billions of dollars funds the campaigns of our elected officials?

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)   In 2012 the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance launched an investigation into the prescription opioid epidemic and the pharmaceutical industry financial ties that have fueled this out of control holocaust.  Below are a few of the articles I have written for Global News Centre and Salem-News.com regarding the Committee’s indifference to the deaths and addictions now leading to an upsurge in heroin deaths.  A letter which is attached to this article from various organizations calls for action by the Finance Committee.  Hopefully, the letter will accomplish something to shake up this stalled investigation.  It’s a crime that we continue to lose a generation of young people to prescription opioids/heroin in record numbers.  I ask again — where has the outrage been that three years has lapsed and no one has been beating the doors of the U.S. Senate for accountability?

See the recent letter Senate Finance document here:  http://www.keepandshare.com/doc19/8230/senatefinanceltr-pdf-388k?da=y

Where is the Outrage? FDA approves OxyContin for children and I warned you in 2009 and 2011!

oxy-kidsHave you seen the statistics in Florida of the deaths and addictions to controlled substances? 

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)   In April 2011, I wrote an article for Salem-News.com (shown below in its entirety with comments from contributors to OxyContin being prescribed to children as guinea pigs).  Today, the FDA announced that Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin has been given the green light to prescribe the killer drug to children.  The news has caused a frenzy of outrage from organizations and individuals fighting the prescription opioid epidemic in the U.S. and Canada.  So how did this happen and what will the result of this FDA approval be in an out of control prescription opioid/heroin epidemic? Where is your outrage and what will you do about it?

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