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“Messenger of God” —Ace Knight (האגרון)

John the Baptist the black prophet

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האגרון: Correspondence or collector of words. Derives from the ancient given name of “Aharon”, born by the brother of Moses, the first High Priest of the Israelites. 

Intact America asks you to join them @ NYC Pride Parade-June 25, 2017


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Georganne Chapin is the founding executive director of Intact America, an organization that is changing the way Americans think about circumcision.

Scott Christianson, PhD – Renowned Investigative Journalist, Author, Colleague and Friend

scottchristiansonOne of the newspaper articles regarding Scott’s death said his most recent book project looked at the opioid crisis and the contributing role played by drug companies. “He was going to blow the lid off of all of them.”

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(MYRTLE BEACH)  Last week, I was notified of the death of Scott Christianson and once the sheer shock wore off, it was replaced with my deep desire to pay tribute to my unique friend.

Virtual Fine Black Art Gallery/Created by Skoob Publishing Productions

Tanya Shelton


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Virtual Fine Black Art Gallery created by Skoob Publishing Productions

Dugong- to burn alive – Live Painting on Canvas. Time-lapse Part one




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