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Credit card changes benefit consumers

unnamedA CARD Act change ensures that extra sums are applied to the balance with the highest interest rate first. This is good for consumers because they end up paying less in interest on their total card debt over the long term.

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO) The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD Act) changed how credit card issuers must apply your credit card payments.

Who will be America’s next President?

us-presidential-seal-wall-plaqueL1Trying to answer the question of who will be our next President is a little scary. Just exactly who will be our next Commander in Chief? Who really has the best ideas and the leadership ability to pull this country together and save us from going the way of Greece?

Dr. Glenn Mollette Global News Centre

(NEWBURGH, Indiana)   Most Americans cannot tell you how many Republicans are running for President. If they are like me at this point, they don’t care. I suppose if ten more people announce their candidacy we would just nod our heads sort of like Linda Blair did in the movie The Exorcist. If you didn’t see the movie it wasn’t pretty.

Let’s hear it for Canadian humor… an evening at the Diefenbaker Awards

canada_maple_leafThe world’s humor is perhaps the highest product of our civilization… the mingled heritage of tears and laughter that is our lot on earth.

                                                 – Stephen Leacock   

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)      It was not too long ago – the last U.S. presidential election cycle, to be exact – that Clint Eastwood starred at the Republican convention by mouthing obscenities to an empty chair, and a Democratic observer commented “That’s what you get when you cut Medicare to old geezers.”  But my reaction was more cosmopolitan. It suddenly dawned on me: “I don’t care what they say, Canadian humor is not that bad.”


trumpWhile Trump won’t become the GOP nominee, he certainly is making the Republican party a bit nervous.

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO) Phineas T. Barnum, showman and founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, supposedly once said, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”   With this quote in mind, consider that Donald Trump is garnering more publicity — good or bad depending on your viewpoint — than all the other presidential candidates combined.  Or maybe it just seems that way.  

Is Bernie Sanders really the only Socialist running for president?



Bernie Sanders proudly calls himself a socialist. Everyone knows where he stands on the issues. He doesn’t consult pollsters before taking a stand.

Allan Brownfeld Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC) Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is attracting a great deal of interest in his challenge to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.  In New Hampshire, he has been less than ten points behind Clinton in some polls and he has been attracting impressive crowds in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere.

As Congress considered trade legislation, Clinton ducked questions about the bill while Sanders, who opposed the legislation, said it was embarrassing to see the party’s leading candidate hide from the biggest issues of the day.  In Sanders’s view, “You can be for it or against it . But I don’t understand how on an issue of such huge consequences you don’t have an opinion.”

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