Jahta DreadLuv & Ace Knight: “I AM” Intention Action Manifestation





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Jahta Dreadluv (RKY) was born in Africa during the late 1970s. His musical interests started when he got access to the instruments of his uncles, such as the keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, and the mixer, who were then playing in a band in Accra, Ghana, and also engineering the sound. He got a lot of ideas of the musical world from them.

In the late 90s, Jahta began to work with one of the big fashion and event companies in Accra as a designer’s assistant and became part of the event-planning team for a year. He then moved on to set up his first company in metal works, events, wedding planning, decoration, and much more. He worked with GTP, Guinness GH, Coca Cola, private individuals, and many others.

In mid-2000, Jahta married and then moved with his family to Haiti in the West Indies. Working hard to attain his dreams and goals, he set up companies and worked with Vivario and many others until the earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010, forced him to close down his studio and shop in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and largest city.

Thanks to the collaboration of Jahta Dreadluv Media and the Church of Haile Selassie, supported by Fokal, Fastforward, NETINC, Kob Mich ‘n’ Co, Haiti, S.A, Tripp TV, and Tele Star, Jahta was able to stage a big event for HIM Earthday in Port-au-Prince on July 22, 2011. He is a member of PPL and IFPI (ISRC); this means that the works of Jahta’s talents and his productions are protected by PPL and IPFL.

Right now, Jahta Dreadluv is one of the biggest Reggae Dub, and Dubstep producers in the world. You can check some of his works on www.soundcloud.com. Also, get ready for the soon-to-be released TROTRO RYDDIM PROJECT, with talent from all around the world that will be produced by JAHTA DREADLUV MEDIA & JAHTA YARD RECORDS. For more information, please contact: jahtareadlu@jahtaeworld.com or jahtareadluv@gmail.com.  JAHTA

Ace Knight is a multi-talented freelance journalist who has been making videos professionally for on-line news, musicians, academics, and others for several years. He is also a student of comparative religion whose writings have been praised and reviewed by noted scholars in the field.

In addition to these accomplishments, he is also a composer and writer of songs, a couple of which are being used in one of the biggest parades in America.

Despite all of these achievements, he says that his most important goal is to serve humanity as embodied in his love for his family and the raising of his three sons.




Cannabis in Israel

medical-cannabis-around-the-globeiCAN is a globally recognized Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry. iCAN is focused on developing novel cannabis formulations and devices. Our vision is to create a portfolio of brands that will transform the global cannabis economy and ecosystem.

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Meditationz Media Network and House of Flamz Productions   

RATID is a reflective U.K.- based radio program about spirituality and positivity; broadcasted through Meditationz Media Network (MMN). This engaging talk show is hosted by musician, singer, and composer Jason “Primitive” Barnes, and broadcasted at 6 p.m. Caribbean time on Meditationz Media Network on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays… KEEP IT LOCKED!!!

Mustafa Al-Jubory

Mustafa Al-Jubory

Mustafa Al-Jubory

I remember very well how windy it was when my two young brothers, my single mother, and I arrived at the United States of America on February of 2009. I came from a country who have seen war continuously. I came from a country where death becomes something very normal to hear about every day.

Trump, Our Cartoon Nobel Peace Prize Nominee


The allied attack on Syria dramatically illustrates Trump’s schizophrenic approach to the Syrian conflict. 

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO)  On May 1st, 18 Republican members of Congress sent a letter  to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, nominating Trump to receive the award for his work to “end the Korean War, denuclearize the Korean peninsula, and bring peace to the region.” No this isn’t a joke or a piece from The Onion.

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