FDA Advisory Committee – Did you think your criminal incompetence would not be revealed?



For those who are not familiar, there is a license called “controlled substance handler”.  Lynn Roy Webster”s license is expired, why is the FDA using him?

Marianne Skolek-Perez Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)   Recently I attended an FDA Advisory Committee meeting where a new killer opioid called Arymo ER (a morphine sulfate abuse deterrent tablet) submitted by Egalet U.S. Inc. was under consideration to be unleashed in the U.S.

Looking into the eyes of evil at an FDA Advisory Committee Meeting!

Webster, holding phone, Katz is on the right with his head tilted down. Photo: Marianne Skolek

Webster, holding phone, Katz is on the right with his head tilted down. Photo: Marianne Skolek

“You are responsible this year alone for 26,000 deaths and sat in the Advisory Committee meeting today and recommended the approval of yet another opioid that will kill in the thousands. How many more deaths will you be responsible for and how do you sleep at night” – Marianne Skolek’s question to Nathaniel Katz, MD

Marianne Skolek-Perez Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)  Thursday I attended my first FDA Advisory Committee meeting. It was for consideration of yet another dangerous extended release opioid — it will mark 7 approved this year.  This right off the FDA Agenda sheet:

“The committees will discuss new drug application (NDA) 208602, morphine sulfate extended-release tablets, submitted by Egalet U.S., Inc., with the proposed indication of the management of pain severe enough to require daily, around-the-clock, long-term opioid treatment and for which alternative treatment options are inadequate.  It has been formulated with the intent to provide abuse-deterrent properties.  The committees will be asked to discuss whether the data submitted by the applicant are sufficient to support labeling of the product with the properties expected to deter abuse.”

OB2L | Black Pie (Spoken Word)

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BLACKPie (Spoken Word) | “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” BLACKPie is an introspective metaphorical conversation Tetaun Moffett is having with himself as an internal conflict with regards to cultural, psychological and social bondages that has lured a generation into hypnosis. The problem isn’t police, government, poverty, economics, racism, etc.. – It’s the heart of man.

FDA — Don’t insult me!!!

 Is the death toll to these dangerous opioids not high enough




Marianne Skolek-Perez Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)   Last month I wrote an article about the FDA’s approval of yet another dangerous extended release opioid to be unleashed on the public as we are fighting addictions and deaths in the tens of thousands. The FDA based their approval on the opioid Vantrela ER on a “cheap party study” conducted by the infamous and self-proclaimed pain champion of the country, Lynn R. Webster, MD. Webster is the vice president of scientific affairs at PRA Health Sciences in Salt Lake City.  His medical career made a detour as reports surfaced he can no longer prescribe opioids (deaths at his now closed pain clinic) to turning his “expertise” of opioids into research.  

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John the Baptist has been misrepresented by scholars of both Christianity and Islam.” —Ace Knight

Ace Knight

John the Baptist:Prophet Yahya


The author re-examines the conventional ideas about the relationship between the Baptist and the Christ that most people have accepted for centuries as gospel truth. He uncovers manifest discrepancies in the biblical narratives that have dominated European and even Muslim thought.

How many deaths could Senator Leahy have prevented by investigating OxyContin?

Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

My testimony in 2007 in front of US Senator Patrick Leahy’s Judiciary Committee.  How many deaths could have been prevented Senator Leahy if you had the courage to initiate an investigation into the maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma when I implored you to do so?  Would we now be fighting for the lives of our children in a Holocaust of heroin deaths?

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United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Evaluating the Propriety and Adequacy of the OxyContin Criminal Settlement 
July 31, 2007\

(MYRTLE BEACH) My name is Marianne Skolek. I had a beautiful 29 year old daughter named Jill. She had the misfortune of being prescribed OxyContin in January 2002 and was killed on April 29, 2002.


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Today is Independence Day. This is a day to celebrate America’s history of independence and freedom. As you celebrate today I want you to consider how free you truly are. Were you allowed the freedom to a whole unaltered body? Were you allowed the freedom to decide for yourself what body parts you were able to keep? In the Declaration of Independence, the entire reason behind the celebration of the day, we are told:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”



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The Black Prophet: He Lives/Editor’s Desk



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“John the Baptist has been misrepresented by scholars of both Christianity and Islam.”
Ace Knight

Lament for humanity: a 50 year reflection

burrowes-folksHuman activity drives 200 species of life (birds, animals, fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, plants) to extinction each day and 80% of the world’s forests and over 90% of the large fish in the ocean are already gone.

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(TASMANIA)  Deeply affected by the death of my two uncles in World War II, on 1 July 1966, the 24th anniversary of the ‘USS Sturgeon’ sinking of the Japanese prisoner-of-war ship ‘Montevideo Maru’ which killed the man after whom I am named, I decided that I would devote my life to working out why human beings are violent and then developing a strategy to end it.

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