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Non caring Congress For Navy Vietnam Veterans



Over 175,000 Navy veterans are the unsung casualties of the Vietnam War.

John J. Bury Global News Centre

(MEDIA, Pa.)  It has come of a common opinion amongst Vietnam War Veterans that Congress tends to exclude mostly Blue Water Vietnam Veterans for VA benefits.  This group of veterans never had boots on ground Vietnam, yet just the same they are sick due to Agent Orange exposure.  It seems Congress and the VA consider these veterans not worthy.

Vietnam Veteran will not lose 2nd Amendment rights over PTSD

The Kirby family believed they were facing an Orwellian nightmare.

The Kirby family believed they were facing an Orwellian nightmare.

Pat Kirby was told he would lose his right to bear arms because he suffers from wartime PTSD.

Tim King Global News Centre

(MYRTLE CREEK)  An Oregon man who suffers from combat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was told he would lose his gun rights in late 2013, because he was deemed “incompetent” by the VA (Veterans Administration).  Pat Kirby, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, was threatened with the loss of his most basic rights as an American, because he doesn’t physically write checks to pay his own bills.  His wife, Susan Kirby, has always taken care of the financial side of their family affairs, ever since he came home from his final tour in Vietnam, in 1972.* For that reason, he was initially told he would literally have to hand over his guns, from his extremely rural location, in the mountains near Roseburg, Oregon.

Forgiveness is more powerful than any weapon in the world

vietnam-girl“My picture is a symbol of war, but my life is a symbol of love, hope and forgiveness” – Kim Phúc 

Clemente Ferrer Global News Centre

(MADRID)   Next June 8 is the 43 anniversary of this photo, where a girl appears naked and terrified, running down a dusty road in a village in Vietnam,when she was 9 years old.

This  image,  which perpetuated  the horrors  of  the Vietnam War,  has appeared many times through various media and, especially all the TV networks  in  the  world.  The  girl  named  Kim  Phúc,  is  now  an ambassador for UNESCO and runs a foundation to help the children victims of war and violence.

Who’s A Presstitute?


Paul Craig Roberts

Rainy Night in Georgia…

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)  My neighbor Warren is pretty smart, being a physician and all, but he’s not very big on defending the freedoms we all hold dear. I mean, just the other day over the back fence, he was talking like a fellow-traveler, as we used to say back in Joe McCarthy’s hey-day.

“We’re always hearing about threats from the rest of the world,” Warren said, fingering his stethoscope, which he always wears, even when he’s pulling weeds. “I think the greatest threats are right here at home.”

“Whatever do you mean?” I responded.

Why Monsanto’s “outrage” at the IARC report is hokum

monsanto2Complaints about cherry-picking of data and non-transparent processes ring hollow…

Global News Centre

(GM Watch)   The reasons Monsanto gives for its outrage are especially ludicrous. Monsanto’s chief technology officer Robb Fraley accuses the IARC of “cherry-picking” data in order to reach its conclusion and of doing so in a non-transparent process.

This is pure hokum, as is evident from a glance at the system for regulatory approval of every GMO and pesticide in the world.

Approvals are based solely on a set of safety data provided by the GMO or chemical company that manufactures the product and stands to profit from its approval. Independent studies — which are far more likely than industry studies to find risk — do not get a look in.

Vietnam Veteran benefits

Vietnam_jungle_American people stand up and be counted.  Call, write your members of Congress and Senate.  Urge them to pass Bills HR-969 and S.681.  Your voice must be heard to save lives.

John J. Bury Global News Centre

(MEDIA, Pa.)  Senators Gillibrand (D-NY) and Daines (R-MT) in bipartisonship March 9, 2015, introduced to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Senate Bill S.681 titled The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Act.  The Bill is to companion with House Bill HR-969 of the same title.  Both Bills are important to those veterans who have been ignored for VA benefits ever since 2002.

Chu Lai was not “China Beach”

Chu-LaiOne Marine who didn’t make it was our Senior Drill Instructor. In 1967, Jettie Rivers, Jr., was the first sergeant of Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marlines (D/1/9). Delta, 1/9 was assigned to the 3rd Marine Division in Vietnam with mission of stopping the infiltration of North Vietnamese troops (NVA) across the demilitarized zone (DMZ) into South Vietnam.

Robert O’Dowd Global News Centre

(SALEM)  In May 1965, Marine Air Group 12 (MAG-12) deployed to Chu Lai, Vietnam, to support Marine infantry and other allied forces against the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army units. MAG-12 participated in the recapture of Hue City and the relief of besieged units at Khe Sanh.

In 1965, Dave Klauder, my Paris Island boot camp buddy, and I were stationed at Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni, Japan. We were in the same former Japanese WW II barracks but in different squadrons. I was quartered in the upper deck; Dave was on the lower deck.

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