Jonathon Conte Memorial


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Submitted by Ace Knight

On May 21, 2016 friends and associates of human rights activist Jonathon Conte gathered in San Francisco to pay tribute to him. Jonathon will be remembered for speaking out for the rights of all children (male, female and intersex) to bodily integrity.

Jonathon Conte died May 9th, 2016, from suicide. He left behind his loving partner, Christopher. Jonathon also left behind a worldwide community of intactivists, people working to end genital mutilation of children. Jonathon inspired many and was loved far and wide for his brilliant activism. Jonathon Conte will take his place in history as a human rights hero. He bravely stood up for and spoke out for the rights of all children to bodily integrity. He was an avid cyclist and a talented graphic designer. He will be dearly missed by those who loved him and fully appreciated his significant contributions to our understanding of human rights. Jonathon would have been 35 years old today (June 14, 2016.)

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