Author discovers Masonic symbol in Da Vinci’s last painting


Ace Knight’s critical observation connects several groups, time periods, and individuals.

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(SALEM)   Author Ace Knight says he may have discovered a long-hidden Masonic mystery in “St. John the Baptist”, the last painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.  As you will see in the video below, Knight discovered the sacred Masonic symbol and it becomes visible when the painting is mirrored, and then rotated 33 degrees together.
It is no secret that Leonardo Da Vinci weaved many mysterious messages into his paintings, but the new discovery by Ace Knight, author of “The Black Prophet He Lives“, is startling for several reasons.  The discovery seems to revolve around the number 33.  Knight said, “John the Baptist is mentioned by God in the Holy Quran as being a concealer of secrets (Q. 3:39)  Here we have a secret society and according to numerous studies, a free mason upon reaching the 33rd degree is given the holy Quran while blind folded.” 

Of course the modern day Masons which came into existence in the 1700’s are considered a reemergence of the Freemasons who are related to a mysterious order called the Knights Templar, monks who took up arms in 1118 A.D. to protect Christian pilgrims traveling from Jaffa to Jerusalem.  The Knights Templar became very wealthy in a short time after allegedly finding priceless objects in King Solomon’s Temple including the Holy Grail, which Christ is said to have drank from at the Last Supper.  The wealth of the Templars caused anger and resentment, as a result they were arrested and put to death  in 1307 by King Philip IV of France.  Philip is said to have done this in order to take possession of the Templar’s immense wealth.

David Icke writes, “Islam claims to represent 360 degrees of knowledge, which is a complete circle and the Masons who reach the apex of becoming a thirty-third degree only have attained partial knowledge.” Masonic members reaching the 33rd degree are given a copy of the Quran according to numerous sources.

Da Vinci, known for incorporating the rule of thirds when composing magnificent artwork, conceived many modern day items including the machine gun, armored cars, the parachute, and the 33 barrel organ.  Ace Knight points out that Leonardo DaVinci’s “St. John the Baptist” was not a commissioned art, so the design was all his.  It is reported that on his death bed he only stared at two paintings while smiling (davinci’s smirk), the Mona Lisa and his last, John the Baptist. 

A Templar saying was, “He who owns the head of John the Baptist rules the world.”




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