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PAKISTAN: Blasphemy convict hopeful for justice

IMG_20151207_105220The Christian man, Sajjad Masih Gill, 31, was accused of sending blasphemous texts and sentenced to life imprisonment and fined Rs.200,000/- (About $2,000 US) for blasphemy on 13 July 2013 in Gojra.

(LAHORE)  The appeal of Sajjad Masih Gill, a Christian man sentenced to life imprisonment for alleged blasphemy, has been admitted for notice.  Sajjad’s family and lawyers have high hopes that he will be acquitted.

The Vatican numbers game




How Rome Didn’t Decline and Fall (Yet)
The Vatican Occupation of America
(A Tragi-Comedy In Three Acts)

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)     Question: (From the inquisitive student in the back row) “How can the Vatican, which has no defense or military budget of $750 billion (as in the United States), with no army, navy or air force – except for a platoon or so of those Swiss guards with the funny hats and carrying pike poles, manage to control, dictate to and obtain absolute fealty from (including the payment of enormous amounts of money under “concordats”) literally every legitimate (about 178 of them)  “free world” government, not to mention 1.2 billion people around the globe?”

Nepal: Investigate the police attacks on human rights defenders Kamala Hemchuri, Durga Sob and Ganesh BK

nepalThe government is planning to introduce a new constitution by the second week of August. Dalit rights defenders, who are united under the Joint Dalit Political Struggle Committee, held a series of protests demanding proportionate representation in the central and provincial governments and legislature organs, as the preliminary draft of the new constitution restricted their representation.

William Nicholas Gomes, Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador

(LONDON)  Human Rights Ambassador William Gomes expresses grave concern over a crackdown against peaceful protest.  One incident resulted in the injury of a number of protesters, including human rights defenders Kamala Hemchuri, Durga Sob and Ganesh BK.

What has changed in England?

rev. Kevin Annett

rev. Kevin Annett

(Lessons from My Ancestor Peter Annett, and Stanstead Prison)

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)   On December 19, 1761, author and publicist Peter Annett was arrested on a charge of blasphemy and sedition for questioning scripture and the authority of  the Church through nine editions of his news sheet The Free Enquirer (Oct. 17 – Dec. 12, 1761). He was prosecuted in London by the Attorney General and sentenced by the Court of King’s Bench to imprisonment at hard labor in Newgate prison, and ordered to stand twice in the pillory, once at the Royal Exchange and once at Charing Cross, despite his advanced age.

The danger of redefining “anti-semitism” to mean criticism of Israel

israel-flagJudaism is a religion of universal values. Israel is a sovereign state. It has violated international law by occupying the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The boycott movement is a nonviolent effort to show opposition to this occupation, similar, its advocates argue, to the movement of sanctions against South Africa to show opposition to apartheid.

Allan Brownfeld Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC)     The following letter, which I wrote concerning the redefinition of the term “anti-Semitism,” and the use of this term to characterize criticism of Israel, appears in today’s (June 16, 2015) Washington Post.

In the June 13 news article “In Israel, concerns rising over boycott movement,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the movement to boycott Israel or disinvest from those doing business in the occupied territories as “anti-Semitic.” Similarly, Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who recently presided over a meeting that raised more than $20 million to fight this movement, referred to it as “anti-Semitic.” Whether one agrees with this movement or not, and many Jews are leading participants, the fact is that it is in no way “anti-Semitic.”

Some advice to a desperate “Pope”

Busted! Good buddies Jorge Bergoglio (left) and Argentine Dictator Jorge Videla, 1982

Busted! Good buddies Jorge Bergoglio (left) and Argentine Dictator Jorge Videla, 1982

Kevin Annett shares some words of advice for an embattled religious leader who used to be friends with a genocidal dictator and baby dealer.

Kevin Annett Global News Centre

(NAINAMO ISLAND, Vancouver)  The following is a letter from Nobel Prize Nominee Kevin Annett, to Jorge Bergoglio, the Catholic “Pope” who was directly involved in a US-backed genocidal dictatorship in Argentina, where he is said to have marketed the infants of couples murdered by the government of Augusto Pinochet.

Canada hides its Genocide to conceal ongoing crimes

Rev. Kevin Annett

Rev. Kevin Annett

Christian Canada and the British Crown are now morally and legally nullified, and a new Republic is lawfully warranted - Kevin Annett, who has exposed the Canadian Holocaust for over 20 years

Global News Centre

(NAINAMO, Vancouver Island)  This week, Canada and its churches publicly whitewashed their killing of tens of thousands of indigenous children with an “official report” that exonerates the perpetrators, and hides continuing genocide . But according to Kevin Annett, who has exposed the Canadian Holocaust for over 20 years, Christian Canada and the British Crown are now morally and legally nullified, and a new Republic is lawfully warranted .

Egypt knew no Pharaoh nor Moses (Response)

egypt-knew-no-pharaohs-nor-israelites-new-cover-art-6The main evidence (for my theory) is the Hebrew Bible itself, or better yet the discrepancy in the translation of the Hebrew Bible to Greek in the second century BC (Known as the Septuagint Bible)

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Global News Centre

(ALEXANDRIA)  In a recent article, published on VT, Mr. Jonas E. Alexis has reviewed my kindle ebook (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

Mr. Alexis has set off his (awfully long critique) by claiming (actually misleading many readers) I had no shred of evidence nor had I incorporated (in the book) any scholarly work/investigation to corroborate my thesis/claim (I’m not sure, as a physician, how bad Mr. Alexis’s myopia is, but I believe it’s seriously alarming)

Garland cartoonists, Mohammed and common sense



Freedom of speech in this country is a wonderful gift that thousands of Americans have died to preserve. Having this right should also include respect for the faith of others. The event in Garland wasn’t respectful. This respect needs to permeate our country throughout all public events, demonstrations and religious gatherings.

Dr. Glenn Mollette Global News Centre

(NEWBURGH, Indiana)  The Mohammed cartoon event recently held in Garland, Texas was a demonstration of free speech. People gathered to showcase their cartoons of Islam’s Mohammed. Cartoons of Mohammed are commonly known to incite people of the Islam religion. I don’t know of any Christians who like cartoons of Jesus if they depict Jesus in an irreverent way. I do not embrace anything about Islam. I do embrace their United States freedom to peacefully practice their religion. I am abhorred by militant Islam religion.

PAKISTAN: Christian Labour Movement

muslims-pakistanAIMS and Objectives

Global News Centre

(LAHORE)  The Christian Labour Movement is a small organization, We dedicate ourselves to help the minority Christians in the whole of Pakistan. for the benefit of the minority groups to better life standards of the Pakistani minority groups.  We aim to create better life standards and to help people gain equal rights in Pakistan.

We want to organize demonstrations and help people in Pakistan not to fear for their lives daily.  And to end the blasphemy law of Pakistan so we cannot be falsely to be accused for crimes, And false fabricated cases and save streets for our children and grandchildren and generations to come.

The real Exodus: end of Israel

exodus-the-true-story-resized“The Hebrew clergy/illuminati, equipped with Talmudic & Pharisaic opportunism and deceit, decided to erase the Israelites’ remote Arabian history and invent a whole new one in Egypt and Palestine”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Global News Centre

(ALEXANDRIA)  History doesn’t only shape our reality but it is also crucial for our decision making. If our reality was devoid of any past experience, I couldn’t see how we could plan for a better future.

Though history is long-gone, it remains the only thing to learn from, as the future has not yet come into existence.  And if we learned from a false or tampered with history then all our perceptions of reality will be wrong. If we were given/inherited a fake history we would be bound to indefinitely linger in falsehood.

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