Egypt knew no Pharaoh nor Moses (Response)

egypt-knew-no-pharaohs-nor-israelites-new-cover-art-6The main evidence (for my theory) is the Hebrew Bible itself, or better yet the discrepancy in the translation of the Hebrew Bible to Greek in the second century BC (Known as the Septuagint Bible)

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Global News Centre

(ALEXANDRIA)  In a recent article, published on VT, Mr. Jonas E. Alexis has reviewed my kindle ebook (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites)

Mr. Alexis has set off his (awfully long critique) by claiming (actually misleading many readers) I had no shred of evidence nor had I incorporated (in the book) any scholarly work/investigation to corroborate my thesis/claim (I’m not sure, as a physician, how bad Mr. Alexis’s myopia is, but I believe it’s seriously alarming)

Mr. Alexis claimed to have read my book. Though I can’t deny his claim I’m certain he failed, through what must have been a hasty reading, to discern the objective/goal of my book. Interestingly and as a reminder, I’ve included in the final ‘Conclusion’ chapter all the evidence-based findings (around 15 of them) that supported my theory in a concise (easy to recollect) manner (and I’m not talking speculations but hard-hitting evidences)

My book is debunking the ancient Israelite stories ever happened on Egyptian soil, most of all Moses and Pharaoh Story (a huge claim many scholars know is true but they prefer, out of fears for their own safety, to whisper about it behind closed doors) But I don’t get paid (by Biblically intoxicated institutions) nor abide by Zionist paradigms in my work, like most Egyptologists, so why the hell should I join the whispering chickens’ club.

I’ve supported my thesis by including the work of western and Arabic scholars; the former have archeologically refuted that Egypt was the land of the Israelite Exodus and the latter unearthed the Arabian origin of not only the Israelite stories, but also of Judaism as ancient Arabian cult (the mainstream concept that ancient Palestine witnessed the inception of Judaism is an age-old delusion)

The western scholars who have refuted/denied the Exodus took place in Egypt and whose researches are cited in my book are; Israel Finkelstein, Neil Silberman, Donald B. Redford, Thomas L. Thompson, Keith Whitelam, Philip R. Davies and Ze’ev Herzog (head of Archeology department in Tel Aviv university, by the way)

The scholars of history, anthropology, philology and ancient mythology who revealed, through scholarly investigations, that ancient Arabia and Yemen was the homeland of the Israelite stories and whose scholarly investigations are also cited in my book are; Dr. Fadel el-Rubaie, Dr. Kamal Salibi, Dr. Ahmed Dawood, Dr. ziad Mouna and Dr. Bernard Leeman.

I’ve also revealed through my own research and investigation, that ancient Egypt never had any so called Pharaohs. In my research I’ve dug deep into ancient Egyptian history, culture and mythology. I’ve even traced back the etymology of ‘Egypt’ as the name of the Nile Valley to pre-dynastic times .

As stated in the final (conclusion) chapter of the book, I’ve clearly pointed out that the Greek translation of the Hebrew book (Bible) is based on an ancient Jewish deception/Forgery.

The real (Arabian) Israelite stories (alien to any Hollywood fiction or any Biblical fantasy enshrined in the back of your mind) had actually happened in ancient Arabia and specifically in Northern Yemen. The Yemen currently bombarded by US/ Israeli weapons (and mini-nukes) is where the ancient nomadic Israelites lived and told their stories (funny eh)

The main evidence (for my theory) is the Hebrew Bible itself, or better yet the discrepancy in the translation of the Hebrew Bible to Greek in the second century BC (Known as the Septuagint Bible)

You don’t have to be a scholar (or Indiana Jones) to find out that everyplace the Bible referred to as ‘Egypt’ had been originally named/designated as ‘Mizraim’ in the Hebrew Bible (a fact elusive to the majority of westerners who are fed/indoctrinated the Bible in its translated [tampered-with] version)

This is my main finding/evidence (Which Mr. Alexis never alluded to). Now you could continue to be trapped inside the Jewish/Zionist (Both similar in that regard) phony definition of Mizraim which would once again drag you to Egypt (fraudulently peddled by the Jews as their place of bondage)

Map of ancient Caravan Road Notice Mizraim town at Northern Yemen.

Or you could enlighten yourself with the research carried out by a serious community of scholars (mostly Arabic) and independent researchers including myself that will help you expose a two-thousand-year deception. The findings/discoveries we ended up with are simply amazing (amazing is an understatement)

We found out that [Mizraim], unlike the widespread Jewish definition/forgery, is a small and obscure village/town located along the ancient Caravan route (ancient spice road) in the south of ancient Arabia. Inside that [Mizraim] all the ancient Israelite stories took place including that of Joseph and Moses.

In the book we provided heaps of proofs for the Arabian [Mizraim], amongst them the classical repertoire of ancient Arabian oral history and folktales (which Mr. Alexis never noticed though they were not in Arabic)

But I got news for Mr. Alexis et al., if you keep viewing things only through your western prism (a regrettable thing for an Afro-American), you definitely won’t be able to find the truth regarding the origin of the Judeo-Christian faith and literature (dogma). By the way, African mythology and theology harbored much more elevated spiritual beliefs than the tribal and violent cult of the Israelites gallantly defended by Mr. Alexis.

My dear Mr. Alexis et al. all your ideas and beliefs about the Israelite stories and dogma are simply based on a clever act of forgery and deception. The real Israelites didn’t sound or taste or even smell like anything you have been told (indoctrinated) since your early infancy till this very moment.

The ancient Israelites are in fact one of the ancient Arabian tribes who made their living by plundering the ancient Camel Caravans and looting other tribes’ fortunes.  They were no farmers (builders of civilization); they were war mongers (pirates of the ancient Arabian Desert) … the nowadays group of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) is a close contemporary parallel.

All the literature and the stories linked to the Israelites were deviously spawn up by their scribes to add fake legitimacy (divine one) to their looting and land grab in ancient Arabia. By celebrating and exalting the Israelite stories as divine and sublime stories, you will no doubt descend deeper into an ocean of delusion and forgery.

Celebrating the stories of the tribal wars of the ancient Israelites is exactly the same as subscribing to the nowadays doctrine (Jihad) of ISIL (Daa’ish in Arabic).

What Caliph Abu Bakr el-Baghdadi (may he rot in hell if already dead) is doing nowadays by conquering Iraqi and Syrian land thru abhorrent terrorism and savage barbarism is very similar to what the Israelite Joshua/Yashoua did in his genocidal war against the Arabian tribe of Banu- Kinnanah (mistakenly referred to as Canaan by deluded/misguided Orientalists)

Linking (or tracing) the despicable acts of terrorism and savagery committed by ISIL to the strict laws of Islamic ‘SHARIA’ is understandable. But what ‘the orientalist mindset’ is incapable of perceiving/discerning is that this Islamic ‘Sharia’ is the Arabic version (flipside) of the Jewish ‘Halakhah’. The Jewish/Talmudic laws (seeds of all extremist dogmas) peddled by the Arabian Rabbis are simply the precursor of Sharia/Jihad laws espoused by Mullahs, Sheikhs of Islam. The reason for this stark (yet elusive) similarity is the fact (long obscured) that Judaism and Islam are the product of one and the same (Arabian) tribal violent mindset and intolerant culture (this is the simple truth painfully naked)

My book is merely exposing the forgery linked to the Septuagint Greek translation of the Hebrew tales (never should have been called Bible by the way).  But the scale of the Septuagint deception is so scary in its seemingly perpetual effects that it continues to define the beliefs of Mr. Alexis and other Millions of gullible believers. (Mr. Alexis in his review has elaborated on his passion for the Israelites and their lofty stories and history of (alleged) prosecution, typical of a clueless devout/brainwashed Jew or Christian)

Contrary to Mr. Alexis’ allegations of our book’s lacking references, we cited from renowned Arabian historians, e.g. AL Masudi (896 -956 AD), Yaqut al Hamawi (1179–1229AD), Ibn Khaldun (1332 – 1406 AD) whom Mr. Alexis never heard of before (obviously Mr. Alexis is brought up with a western mindset that doesn’t recognize Arabic scholarship/scholars as reliable source or references- even when we’re dealing with genuinely Arabian history and tales)

All those historians and acclaimed scholars have documented the story of Faraon and Moses as it happened in ancient Arabia. Moreover, Yaqut al Hamawi and the renowned Arab Historian Al Tabari (839-923 AD) have given us a rare insight into the true Exodus story when they revealed the name of the true Arabian Faraon.

Al Waleed Bin Musaab” was the name of the real Arabian Faraon(chieftain in Arabic) and he came from the Amalekite tribe (mentioned in the Hebrew Bible but its whereabouts remained, as the rest of the Biblical place names, elusive and ambiguous for the western mind)

For ages, millions (of clueless nice people) have blindly subscribed to the Israelite stories and cult without even knowing who the hell those Israelites were and where they came from. All they knew (were told/indoctrinated) that they were the children of God (an unforgivable insult to the divinity) and they were enslaved in ancient Egypt (another insult not only to Egypt, but the whole truth about humanity’s ancient history)

The so called Hebrew Bible might be a book of (crooked) ancient history, but the problem is that it is a book (regardless of the lies you’ve been told) of lost geography. My book is an attempt to relocate those Israelite stories where they originally belong; ancient Arabia and North Yemen.

We have also included the work of Dr. Fadel el Rubaie (Iraqi anthropologist and researcher in ancient mythology) and renowned Arabian geographer Abu Muhamad al Hasan al Hamadani 893-945 A.D

We discussed Prof. Rubaie’s Magnum opus “Imagined Palestine” through which he is citing from ancient Arabian poetry and the geography of ancient Arabia and Yemen as described in al Hamadani’s reference book (description of the Arabian Peninsula)

Dr. Rubaie has reached amazing findings. All the place names mentioned in the Hebrew book were easily and cohesively located on al Hamadani’s map of ancient Arabia and Yemen. (Al Hamadani as a geographer is like [Strabo] of the ancient Arabian Peninsula and Yemen – a fact indecipherable/incomprehensible by Mr. Aexis [so much for scholarly review])

Cohesion is what the Biblical archeology in Palestine and Egypt is lacking till this very day. The reason for that is so simple; the Israelite stories never took place there. There is a plethora of fake (Zionist-controlled) archeological findings in and around Palestine (remember the fake ivory Pomegranate of Solomon). Those fake finds are intended to quench the thirst for evidence for millions of believers and Zionist zealots who subscribe to the Zionist claim of Palestine being the Jewish historical and Promised Land.

The father of the crooked Biblical finds by far is the American William F. Albright 1891 – 1971 (so called founder of Biblical archeology) who began digging in Palestine with a mindset soaked with (geographically misinterpreted) Biblical stories. The fake finds Albright (the evangelically brought up and Zionist-funded) contrived to make look authentic have earned him the notorious legacy of “being not right but Albright” (a fact that has infuriated Mr. Alexis beyond measure)

One more thing that Mr. Alexis was irritated by is my research of ‘slavery practice’ all over the ancient Near East. After explaining that all the Israelite stories actually reflect a deeply ingrained culture of slavery, I said it was highly unlikely those stories took place in Egypt.

The repeated and swift selling of Joseph into slavery reflect a deeply ingrained culture of slavery (historically undetected in Egypt)

Simply because Egyptians didn’t practice slavery, as customary and established as selling and buying chicken, nor subscribed to the loathed culture (and I’m not talking about slaves/prisoners of war for simply neither Joseph nor Moses was one). Whereas the slaves’ trade in that sense had been all along rampant in ancient Arabia and Yemen as a native and traditional tribal culture.

Even with considering some trace of late slavery (mostly brought by Persians and Greeks and of course the JEWS) average ancient Egyptians had a noticeable aversion to the practice ( Joseph was sold as a slave by his twelve (gentlemen brothers) in FIVE MINUTES for crying out loud)

So when I said Egypt knew no Slavery; I meant Egypt indeed did not subscribe to the Biblical definition of slavery (as pervasive and common as gruesomely detailed in Joseph and Moses’ stories)

The funny thing is that Mr. Alexis has focused on marginal points in my books (slavery, Albright and my unjust depiction of the Israelites) whereas he never discussed my main theme of the book (Myopia could be sometimes distracting)

The stories of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, and Moses (and some ancient tales like that of Noah) had actually taken place in ancient Arabia and Yemen (scholarly investigations and references are cited in the book)

If you (as a contemporary westerner) could relate to the culture of the Houthis of nowadays Yemen; then there is a slim chance you could culturally and historically relate to the ancient Israelites.

The catastrophic result of the Jewish deception embedded in the Septuagint Bible is that it had misled, and still is misleading millions of uneducated people into believing they relate culturally and spiritually to the Arabian Israelites (pirates of the desert). This is so untrue and just plain insane (the tragic story of humankind)

To pick up once again on the allegation of Mr. Alexis that our book lacked any historical information or research; we would like to remind him we did the following.

We have traced back the etymology of the word ‘Egypt’ and have presented historical evidence that Egypt had never been referred to as [Mizraim] or [Misr] as a native name for the land during the ancient and classical times.  Among our historical evidences; the records of the Greek Historian, Herodotus who visited Egypt around 450 B.C. and the documented work of the Greek historian, Essayist and biographer, Plutarch 46 – 120 AD.

Greek historian, Plutarch (46 – 120 A.D)

Not once in the records of Herodotus did he refer to Egypt as [Mizraim] nor he mentioned any Pharaohs or Moses in the stories he heard from average Egyptians all over the Nile Valley. Also in his documents about ancient Egypt Plutarch, who compiled the Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris, is referring to Egypt as ‘Copto’ and not ‘Mizraim.

The insightful testimony of Plutarch has also helped us to (finally) realize why the indigenous Christians of Egypt have been long designated as Coptic/Copts. For simply Egypt (before Arabic/Islamic conquest) had always been called Copt and their people Copts (that documented [key] evidence has somehow also evaded the sight of Mr. Alexis)

We have also included another strong evidence in the book; the letter Prophet Mohamed had sent before conquering Egypt (642 A.D) in which he addresses the Byzantine ruler of Egypt as “Head of Copt” and not “head of Mizraim”

This letter by the Muslims’ Prophet is unequivocally pointing to a glaring fact; that Egypt was referred to as ‘Gopt/copt’ by the native Egyptians and by the Arabs. And since the Hebrew Bible (with its Arabian geographic and cultural origins) is designating the place where the Israelite stories took place, and most of all the Pharaoh and Moses story, as [Mizraim] … Then it goes without saying that Egypt was not the land of the Israelite stories (Also this investigation and finding was overlooked by Mr. Alexis)

I could go on and on revealing all the valuable investigations and researches included in my book, but I prefer those who are interested to seek and find out the truth to go through them carefully in the book.

Photocopy of Prophet Mohamed (forewarning) letter to the ruler of Egypt 630 AD. The actual document on dispaly in Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbu

As for my own investigation regarding the real geography of the Israelites; I‘ve conducted a comparison study between the Egyptian stele that allegedly mentioned Israel, aka King Merneptah Stele 1213 – 1203 BC and the Egyptian military records of his successor king Ramses III 1178 BC (No scholar had thought of or done this before yet Mr. Alexis as usual blinded himself to the study)

King Merneptah Stele is documenting the victories of the  Egyptian King (not Pharaoh) in his raids against his Libyan foes in the west and at the last two lines, as if an after-thought, mentioned Merneptah’s victory over some of the tribes to the East (amongst them is Israel)

Interestingly thirty years later King Ramses III waged a war (to the east of Egypt) against all of his foes in Palestine who had united with the Sea People against Egypt. Inscribed on the walls of his temple in Luxor; all the names of the forces/factions/tribes that had formed a coalition with the Sea People in Palestine/Canaan against his majesty King Ramses III.

The Egyptian records mentioned just about every adversary that happened to be in Palestine (presumed Canaan) at the time, e.g., Peleset ‘Philistines’, Tjeker, Shekelesh, Denyen and Weshesh and even the remnants of the Hittites and Bedouins, but never Israel/Israelites that had been mentioned just 30 years earlier in King Merneptah’s Stele (and no we can’t refer to the Israelites as Bedouins, for 30 years earlier they were explicitly referred to as Israel/Israelites in King Merneptah Stele)

What does that inconsistency in the two records tell us? Either the Israelites mentioned in the Merneptah’s Stele had completely perished that they no longer existed thirty years later (we know that’s not true). Or the Israelites mentioned in the Merneptah Stele were not located in Palestine (presumed Canaan by the deluded orientalists)

That’s right the Israelites mentioned in King Merneptah Stele dwelled in ancient Arabia and North Yemen (the destination of all the ancient Egyptian and Assyrian/Babylonian raids to control and secure the ancient Caravan route) In other words, the Israelites never lived in Palestine (alleged Canaan) before the 2nd century BC when they established the Hasmonean Dynasty as newly (immigrant) Arabian tribes (in the book interesting translations of ancient Assyrian cuneiform tablets referring to raids subjugating [Mizraim] and [Faraon] of Arabia)

Yemenite Jews transferred to Israel in 1949-1950 ‘Magic Carpet’ operation.

One of the interesting archeological finds (though, as usual, fraudulently interpreted by the Zionists) is the catacombs discovered in Beit She’arim in Palestine back in 1937. In the site ancient tombs of Yemenite Jews dating back to 2nd-3rd century BC were unearthed. The Greek inscriptions on the tombs clearly marked the buried as heads (princes) of Yemenite Himyar (our theory couldn’t be more clear)

Yemen, not Palestine, had all along been the homeland of the ancient Israelites and their stories. The last Jewish community in Yemen (45000 Yemenites) were transferred in 1949 to Israel in a secret aerial operation (Magic Carpet)

You know why mainstream Biblical archeology and history insist on referring to Palestine as Canaan; simply because the Israelites tribal wars had been mainly waged against the Canaanite tribe. But little did the hordes of orthodox archeologists and historians know that the Tribes of Canaan (Banu Kinannah and Kanaan in Arabic) were located in the south western region of ancient Arabia. That of course according to the documents of Arabic historians and geographers (not to mention the Arabian classical poetry)

My comparative study perfectly fits in with the ‘Bible came from Arabia’ theory advocated by Prof. Kamal Salibi of the American University in Beirut, the Iraqi Dr. Fadel el-Rubaie and the Australian Historian Dr. Bernard Leeman.  My research and book even lends more credence to the Biblical minimalist school started by Julius Wellhausen back in the 19th century (But of course the investigation carried out by such a serious community of researchers and scholars was so elusive for Mr. Alexis to notice)

In addition to the many scholarly investigations cited in the book that unequivocally debunk that the Israelite stories took place in Egypt and Palestine, we did not stop that far.

I’ve extensively examined the etymology of the word ‘Pharaoh’ and investigated its relation to ‘Per-aa’ as a generic title for the Egyptian monarch (the orthodox Egyptologists’ theory). We have exposed the fallacy of that claim and proved that (Pharaoh/Per-aa) had never been used as a reference/designation of the Egyptian king. Also included in the book a rare examination of the (Amarna letters) that date back to 1350 BC (suggested time of the Israelite exodus)

Our analysis of the Amarna Letters has corroborated our thesis/theory that the Egyptian king had never been referred to as (Pharaoh) before the Septuagint Bible/Septuagint deception (But once again that investigation and analysis was nowhere to be found in Mr. Alexis’ so called review)

But then, if all of the above investigations and scholarly research failed to attract the attention of Mr. Alexis, then what his awfully long review (likewise my response had to be) was all about?  It was, as I said before, mainly about his utter shock and disbelief (the man is in a state of denial to relieve serious cognitive dissonance)

Our dear Mr. Alexis can’t swallow the fact that an Independent Egyptian researcher is not only challenging but entirely shattering two-thousand-year beliefs and dogma (his own beliefs and dogma)


Click the title (Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites) or the photo to buy a copy of Dr. Ashraf Ezzat’s Kindle book (free kindle reading app is available to download on Amazon)

Find out why Egypt was never the land of the Israelites’ Exodus nor Palestine is their Promised Land. Wake up from two-thousand-year deception and delusion.




ezzatDr. Ashraf Ezzat is an Egyptian medical doctor whose passion has always been writing. He says of all the human-related studies, he finds himself attracted to history. Ashraf stresses that history helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be.

He says Egyptology holds a special place in his heart, for Egypt is where the human conscience sprouted. In ancient Egypt all things civilized began to evolve.

“I write articles and share posts of interest to me and hopefully to a lot of people.” Dr. Ashraf Ezzat says you can drop him a line any time at: [email protected] “I like to exchange knowledge and experience, I think that`s what Blogging is all about.”

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