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Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador asked to drop all charges and unconditionally release SaedJadad

Saed Jadad

Saed Jadad is a human rights defender and blogger who works mainly in the Dhofar region. His work includes documenting human rights violations, as well as writing blog posts about highlighting current human rights violations in Oman.

William Gomes Global News Centre Human Rights Ambassador

(LONDON)  Human rights defender Mr Saed Jadad was arrested and placed in incommunicado detention on 21 January 2015.  According to sources, there was no warrant or authorization for the arrest.  Saed Jadad has been harassed by the authorities on several occasions.

Pressure grows to delay or drop Bibi’s speech

the-atlantic-reutersThe damage has to be cleaned up by Netanyahu, if he wants to save his plan to address the U.S. Congress two weeks before he faces reelection in Israel March 17.

Dr. James Wall Global News Centre

(CHICAGO)  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been “reaching out”, as the New York Times delicately puts it, to Democratic leaders in the U.S. Congress who were blindsided by Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu to address Congress March 3.

Netanyahu’s office confirmed Thursday, according to the Times, that the Prime Minister had called Democrats and “other friends” in Congress in recent days, and that he “reiterated that the survival of Israel is not a partisan issue.”

FDA contributing to uncontrollable health crisis in the U.S. and Canada

Since we are losing family members and friends by the tens of thousands due to the lies of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA being the drug supplier of pharma by continually approving dangerous opioids such as Zohydro, I have set up an alliance to call out the corruption of pharma, their paid physician spokespersons/lobbyists and the FDA contributing to this physician generated prescription opioid epidemic resulting in the heroin health crisis.

Marianne Skolek Global News Centre

(MYRTLE BEACH)   In the 13 years I have written and spoken about the pharma/physician generated prescription opioid epidemic, it has progressed to an uncontrollable health crisis in the U.S. and Canada.  This health crisis is an out of control train of death and addiction while the FDA continues to approve even more dangerous and deadly opioids for “long-term chronic pain.”  Where are the medical studies conducted to warrant chronic pain being treated long term with addictive prescription opioids?

Greece at a crossroads

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras Greece's new prime minister.

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras Greece’s new prime minister.

Greece and the Syriza Party are at a crossroads — short term populism or stay the austerity course.

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO) The far-left anti-austerity Syriza Party has agreed to a coalition deal with the Independent Greeks giving the Syriza Party a majority and thus power in Greece.

Greece had slipped into near bankruptcy primarily because of widespread tax evasion and corruption.  The “brutal austerity” imposed on Greece as a condition of $273 billion in Eurozone bailouts since 2010 has actually been working slowly but surely.  The economy has been growing and unemployment is down.

Why do we fear love?

Fear is the opposite of love. If you want someone to do what you want, you are frightened, not loving. The poets and songwriters have long told us that love is ‘letting go’. The person in your cage is not a loved companion; the individual who is genuinely free but chooses to stay feels loved.

Robert J. Burrowes Global News Centre

(TASMANIA)  Why do human beings fear love? That is, why do we fear loving ourselves and others, and why do we fear being fully loved ourselves?

If someone does not receive what they need emotionally as a child, their capacity to give will be limited accordingly. The less of what they need they actually get, the less they will be able to give (and the more they will take for themselves without consideration for others). In order to give, one must have experienced receiving during childhood. If we do not experience love in a way that is truly meaningful, then we will never be able to love ourselves. And if we do not love ourselves, we cannot truly love another.

History for dummies… a heated discussion Of the Cold War


Poverty was declared to be obsolete, especially by the Republican Party. The ultimate consumer society followed, until 50 years later when it became evident that we had been consuming too much of the wrong things. But we will deal with obesity some other time.

William Annett Global News Centre

(DAYTONA BEACH)  In the aftermath (sometimes known as algebra) of World War II, there followed a strange period known as “the cold war.”  It was called that because most of the threats and counter threats took place over northern Canada, which was considered by both adversaries as the logical place to brandish nuclear warheads.

From 1946 through the 1980s, the Cold War cast a shadow over every facet of American life. Yet, paradoxically, it also created possibilities. In an arms race that threatened all of humanity, could America afford to confine women to the kitchen, where in most cases there was no bomb shelter? These and other vexing moral questions were raised by thinking Americans. For unthinking Americans, it was a period of unprecedented prosperity.

Pakistan’s Christian Hospice to close after 50 years


Pakistani men are pictured during visit of Spanish Defence Minister Jose Bono at St. Joseph’s Hospice in Rawalpindi. For Aisha Gulrehman, the hospice has been her home for 10 years.

Pakistani center aided many over the years.

Global news Centre

(RAWALPINDI) In the crowded, winding streets of the Rawalpindi, a small Christian hospice led by Irish nuns has taken care of the destitute and disabled for 50 years.

But the hospice that caters mainly to Muslim patients is now being forced to close because of falling donations and rising costs.

70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau

holocaustKL Auschwitz I and KL Auschwitz II-Birkennau are now maintained as museums open to the public.

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO)  January marks the 70 anniversary of of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.  We have seen newsreels of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps at the end of WW II and a number of movies depicting the horrors of the Holocaust. However, newsreels and movies did not really prepare us for an actual visit to the site of the largest mass murder in history. As many as 1.5 million were murdered at Auschwitz, mainly Polish Jews, but also Soviet prisoners-of-war, Gypsies, Czechs, Yugoslavs, French, Austrians, and Germans.  

Family Breakdown: one important cause of many of society’s ills

The growing number of studies in this field also suggest that these children have more problem behaviors and more trouble finishing school.

Allan Brownfeld Global News Centre

(WASHINGTON DC)    In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, then assistant secretary of labor who went on to serve as Democratic U.S. senator from New York for nearly a quarter-century, issued a report warning of a crisis growing for America’s black families.  It reported a dramatic increase in out-of-wedlock births and one-parent families and warned of the “tangle of pathologies” which resulted. Among these was poor performance in school, increased drug use, and a growing rate of incarceration for crime.

The Murder case of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer

Punjab governor Salman Taseer. Photo courtesy:

Punjab governor Salman Taseer. Photo courtesy:

Pakistan’s problematic life for religious minorities is spiraling out of control…

Global News Centre

(ISLAMABAD)  Today, the Islamabad High Court has held its first hearing in the appeal against the death sentence of Mumtaz Qadri who confessed to the killing of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer.  According to reports, he justified the governor’s murder by stating that he had killed him for supporting Asia Bibi, a Christian woman whom Taseer believed had been wrongly convicted of committing blasphemy. The appeal was heard by two members of division bench of IHC’s comprising of Justice Noor ul Haq Qureshi and Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui and adjourned for 3 February.

Human Rights: Hypocrisy and Gespräch

Over 20 years ago, I warned that there are no winners and losers in this hypocrisy but only losers. I warned of abandoning rationality and continuing down the path of supporting religion-based states (first a Jewish state and then Muslim states then who knows what).

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh Global News Centre

(BETHLEHEM)  Brief politic: It is very hard to live knowing how much suffering there is. Our friends in Gaza have no electricity (or 4 hours a day maximum) and no heating and cooking gas. No incomes, no jobs and how they survive is beyond us.  But then again some do not survive. The most vulnerable are infants and children and several were frozen to death in the past three weeks.

But also life is tough among refugees from the civil war in Syria a war that claimed the lives of over 100,000 and shows no sign of abetting. We also think of Ukraine and its civil war. I had warned about these situations all coming about because of the hypocrisy of western governments who had to sell their policies of neo-colonialism using the language of human rights and international law but who everyday demonstrate this hypocrisy. But there is no more blatant demonstration than here in Western Asia.  There are dictators they love and walk in their funerals and dictators they loath. Ethnic cleansing they decry (e.g. Christians in Iraq) and ethnic cleansing they support 100% (Christians and Muslims in Palestine).

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