The Y Factor: Yahya/YHYH And God of the Quran 2019


Y FActor

Q.1:1  In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful

THE KEY: TOTAL AMOUNT OF LETTERS: 139—1+3+9= “13th”—M 




J is the 10th letter English Alphabet. Which is a Y in the semitic language.

The Y is 10—C for Christ (Messiah) is 3—10+3= 13 1+3= 4 (8

The number 4 derives its meaning from creation. On the fourth day of what is called ‘creation week’ God completed the material universe.

On this day he brought into existence our sun, the moon, and all the stars (Genesis 1:14 - 19). 

Their purpose was not only to give off light, but also to divide the day from the night on earth, thus becoming a basic demarcation of time.

They were also made to be a type of signal that would mark off the days, years and seasons.

Interestingly, the Hebrew word for ‘seasons’ in Genesis 1:14 is moed (Strong’s Concordance #H4150), which literally translated is “appointed times” (divine appointments) in reference to God’s festivals.

This is the earliest known allusion to what would later be called the Holy (or Feast) days (periods) of worship, which are seven in number. (B.S.)


Quran 1-7


1+1+2+3+4+5+6+7= 28 YAHYA/10YHYH




There are 28 letters in the Arabic character set. The
total abjad numerical value of all 28 letters equals 5995:

5+9+9+5= 28 (Yahya)—Reduced—2+8=10 which is the numerical value of ya—10

114 chapters in the Qur’an and 41 begin with the letter Alif 41—4+1= 5

No other letter is used 41 times as the first letter of a chapter

114 chapters in the Qur’an and 14 begin with ya 14—1+4= 5

No other letter is used 14 times as the first letter of a chapter

Alif 41 Ya 14— Mirrored (41/14) — 4+1+1+4= 10

The first usage of the letter ya 19:1

5 Quranic Initials Kaf—Ha—Ya—Ayn—Saad 19:2

A mention of the grace which thy Sustainer bestowed upon His servant Zakariyah

The name Zakariyah ends with the letter ya. In the same chapter verse/sign 7 we read:

Ya Zakariyah! (note the open and close of the letter ya here)

We give you good news of a son whose name shall be Yahya. On none by that name have we made any distinction before.

Yahya was given wisdom of the letters. He was given knowledge.

O Yahya! Take hold of the scripture with power! We bestowed upon him wisdom as a youth Q. 19:12

Yahya— Y—H—Y 10—8—10= 28 2+8= 10
the second ya in the name Yahya has an alif over it indicating the

return back to the beginning alif or God the source of all things.

The second time the letter ya occurs is in chapter 36 of the

Qur’an (Considered the Heart of the Quran):
36:1—Ya’ Sin
3+6+1= 10 Y—Yahya 28

5th verse: A Revelation bestowed from on high by the Almighty, the Dispenser of Grace. Q. 36:5

3+6+5= 14—1+4= 5
Yahya’s numerical value appears in the first verse, and in

the 5th verse God’s Revelation Grace.
The number of God’s Grace in the Bible is the number (5)


Quran. 61:6—The Praised One

*ATTN: Ahmad used as a proper name for Muhammad never existed, and it was always used as an adjective. The use of it as a proper name came long after Muhammad had left the earth.

And when Jesus, son of Mary, said: “O children of Israel, I am God’s messenger to you, authenticating what is present with me of the Torah and bringing good news of a messenger to come after me whose name will be praised (ismuhu-Ahmad).” But when he showed them the clear proofs, they said: “This is clear- ly magic.”

The only time we find the arabic ismuhu read the same way with the proper recitation (tajweed)

is in Q. 19:7 which reads: “O Zakariya! We give thee good news of a son:

His name shall be Yahya (ismuhu- Yahya): on none by
that name-sake (samiyyan) have We conferred distinction be- fore.”

The prophecy in Q. 61:6 (ismuhu—ahmad/whose name will be praised) brought us to Quran 19: 7

(ismuhu—Yahya/on none by that name-sake have we conferred distinction before), and in 19:7 we find the key word samiyyan.

The only other place this Arabic word is found in the whole of the Quran in that form

is in 19:65 which reads: “The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and what is between them!

So worship Him and maintain thou patience in His worship. Hast thou known any name-sake (samiyyan) for Him?

Comparing the two (19:7/19:65) it becomes apparent name-sake (samiyyan) for both God and John the Baptist/Yahya:

incomparable, unmatched, unique; One of a Kind It is here his name is honored, raised, and praised at the highest level.

Samiyyan from the root smw: to be high/lofty, raised, name, at- tribute. Samawat: heights/heavens/rain, raining clouds.

Ismun: mark of identification by which one is recognized. It is a derivation of wsm (pl. asma). —Concordance of the Sublime Quran

In the famous Arabic lexicon Lisan al-Arab, the root s m w means “elevation or highness.”

No other prophetic name has been honored, raised, and praised to such a degree in the whole of the Quran, save Yahya— Yuhanan (John the Baptist)

Samiyyan Name—Sake (19th Chapter) Authorized by God
The Black Prophet: Namesake—19:7 Allah: Namesake—19:65 1+9+7+1+9+6+5= 38 (38 is a multiple of 19) 3+8=1:1

Quran 1:1: First Sign open’s with the Name of God the Source of Life

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful—Divine Signature Basmala— 19 Arabic Letters

Yahya: He lives, from the root hyy which means life . What is bigger than life?

Again: The prophecy in Q. 61:6 (ismuhu—ahmad/whose name will be praised) brought us to Quran 19:7.

(1)st thing Yahya—Yuhanan said when he returned to Palestine by the River Jordan was Repent—(9) Chapter 9 of the Quran is named Repentance or The Turning (Tawbah from tabba to re- turn, or turning. Simply turn the number 61 right or left and it becomes a 19.

Ahmad—Yahya-Yuhana—Paraclete Quran 19:7:17/1+7=8–Quran 19:65=21/1+2=3—John

19:7:17/1+7=8 – 19:65=21/1+2=3 — John 16:7:14/1+4=5

835 Factors: 835 = 5 x 16:7 (Yahya 5X Quran./Paraclete 5x New Testament.)

The name John appears 131x in the Bible 1+3+1= 5

Paraclete is understood as taking the place of another (Jesus/25)

5 multiplied within itself 25

Jesus is mentioned 25X in the Quran. 2+5= 7 (Divine Authori- ty)—2+5+7 = 14—1+4= 5 (Yahya— Life-Force)

8+3+5=16/1+6= 7— John 16:7 Paraclete—1+6+7= 14— 1+4= 5

John to 16:7 and we read: “But truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the helper (paraclete 5) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.”

Gospel of John by itself—1+6+7=14/1+4= 5 (Paraclete) all to- gether: 1+6+7+1+4= 19 (Q. 19:5 The Guardian/Protector)

Cross reference with the Quran: 19:5 (Waliy/Protector/Helper) And, truly, I feared for my defenders after me. And my woman had been a barren woman. So bestow on me from that which proceeds from Thy Presence a protector” Prophet Zakariyah ask- ing God to send him down a divinely appointed protector. Some- one to help Mary and ultimately the sacred word, Jesus (kalimu- lah).

1+6+7=14/1+4= 5—Yuhanan (John) meaning God—Gracious. The number 5 is the number of God’s Grace. The significance of the number 5 in scripture is huge as it signifies the grace of God.

Here are a few examples of Gods grace and its connection with the number 5: There are 5 books of God’s Law (Genesis, Exo- dus, Levitcus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy)

Commonly referred to as the Pentateuch (Penta means 5).

The ‘tabernacle in the wilderness’ profoundly reflects God’s grace in its use of the number 5. This tabernacle, whose design was given directly by God, contained 5 curtains (Exodus
26:3), 5 bars (Exodus 26:26 – 27), 5 pillars and 5 sockets (Exo- dus 26:37) and an altar made of wood that was 5 cubits long

and 5 cubits wide (Exodus 27:1). The height of the court within the tabernacle was 5 cubits (Exodus 27:18)

The Hamsa symbol depicting an eye in a palm of an hand (5). It is said to be a protection from harm. Hamza is a universal pro- tective sign as seen in various faiths.

5 is the number of the human being. The number 5 symbolizes the four limbs and the head that controls the limbs. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head (A-L-L-A-H-5)

Prophet David took 5 smooth stones. It was the 5th stone associ- ated with sacred power that defeated Goliath.

Paraclete is understood as one taking the place of another (Jesus)

The Paraclete is mentioned 5X in the New Testament, and John the Baptist/Yahya is mentioned 5X in the Quran.

5 multiplied within itself is 25 (Grace Upon Grace) Jesus is men- tioned 25X in the Quran.

Hanan Continuous grace from Our Presence (Grace Upon Grace) Q.19:13:

Hanan—19+13=32/3+2=5 or 1+9+1+3=14/4+1=5— Yuhana God—Gracious
Quran—Good News of Yahya (Life—Force) Q. 3:39/19:7— 3+3+9+1+9+7=32/3+2= 5—Yuhanan God— Gracious

Yahya in Quran 19:7 is the Paraclete of John 16:7— 1+9+7+1+6+7=34/3+4= 7.

The 7 stays the same in both books (Q.19:7/J.16:7) for it is the number of God’s authority.

5 =1+4—14=3+4+7—7 = 3+4 —34 =1+9+7+1+6+7 7-6-1974 was born אגרון

7—Divine Authority—6—Creation—1974 =3—Unique/One of a Kind 7-6-1974—7+6+1+9+7+4=34—3+4= 7 (authority)

3+4+7=14—1+4= 5 (Guardian)

The number 7 is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).

It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God’s creation of all things.

The word ‘created’ is used 7 times describing
God’s creative work (Genesis 1:1, 21, 27 three times; 2:3; 2:4)

In the Quran God creates the heavens and the earth and all that exists in six days

and then he established himself on the throne of authority.

The Last High Priest— 7+6+1+9+7+4= 34—3+4= 7 (number of divine authority) 3+4+7=14—1+4= 5 (Yahya Life—Force)

7 Chakras of the Earth. The 5th Chakra being “the Voice”, and best one.

meaning “a collection of words,” from “to collect. The ,)אגרון( word אגרון comes from Aaron, the first high priest, and brother of the prophet Moses; from where Yahya descends.

Aaron is mentioned 20x in the Qur’an. The First high priest anointed by God (Aaron) with the last high priest anointed by God (John) you get a total of 25. Guardians of the Divine Word.

Aaron “sent with signs and manifest authority (Q. 23:45) 5 =1+4—14 =2+3+4+5


YAH & Yahya YHYH





The similitude of Jesus is that of Adam

Both mentioned 25x in Qur’an (7)

Q. 1146346=25/7

God created man in his own image

Genesis 1:27= 1+2+7= 10


Q. 19/5 Sayyid-Master— Waliy-Guardian of the Faithful “Waliyulah

Q. 19/5

“Over it is 19” the Arabic word used in 74:30 is “Ashara” 10

From 19/5 to 10/5:

10/5—Q. 10:5 He is the One who rendered the sun radiant, and the moon a light,

and He designed its phases that you may learn to count the years and to calculate.

 GOD did not create all this, except for a specific purpose.

He explains the revelations for people who know.

“The similitude of Jesus is that of Adam”—Both mentioned 25x in Qur’an (7)

Put the “2” Jesus and Adam into the “5” 2×5= 10 ASHARA

Q. 1146346=25/7

From 10/5 to 1010


Glory be to the Most High!

10:10 Their prayer therein is: “Be You glorified, our god,” their greeting therein is,

“Peace,” and their ultimate prayer is: “Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universe.”

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