Scientific flaws and the “volcano” of Io

NASA photo

NASA photo

There have been many reports by astronauts of bizarre glowing objects that the astronauts say appear to be controlled by intelligent extraterrestrials. Objects the scientists call moon pigeons, space angels, space eels, etc.

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(SAN DIEGO)  The May 24, 2016 Science program “Secret Mission of the Voyager Mission”, showed a photograph of the “volcano” of Io. It was simply a light blue glow, not a view of volcanic ash spewing from the surface. Since this was photographed in 1980 by the Voyager spacecraft no volcano cone or even a small stream or mound of lava has been seen on Io. The scientists cite the gravity of Jupiter as the source for gravitational flexing that causes Io to generate heat in its interior that creates the volcanic action. However, they completely ignore the fact that the magnetic field of Jupiter is reported to be 10,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the Earth and Io orbits within this powerful magnetic field. This will certainly generate a charge of static electricity capable of exciting atoms of gases to a glowing state of excitement wherever there is an abnormal ferrous mineral deposit on the surface of Io.

It also reported that the dark spokes within Saturn’s rings keep pace with the rotation of the magnetic field of Saturn. This is not a coincidence. It is the magnetic field intensity that causes the glow of the rings of Saturn in the first place. So the variation in the intensity of the magnetic field causes the atoms of gases to glow brightly or the lose their glow whenever the magnetic field intensity ceases or diminishes in intensity.

This glow is similar to the glow of the “geysers” of Enceladus where the ultraviolet imaging spectrograph on the Cassini spacecraft detected the electric link between Saturn and Enceladus in 2011. And on March 22, 2007 Dr, Don Gurnett , the principal investigator on the radio and plasma wave science experiment on NASA’s Cassini spacecraft reported: “There’s this gas from Enceladus – we didn’t know about that even a year ago. And so there’s some really new developments, and I’m sure there’s more things that we need to research and understand about how this works, but it’s kind of a new, surprising result.”

And on the Oct. 15, 2010 History program, Professor Michael Mandillo reported the discovery of “A gas cloud 500 times the size of Jupiter. The key gas is sodium that emits an orange glow. The sodium is pelted by light from the Sun and electrons from Jupiter’s powerful magnetic field. In fact, sodium is commonly used to illuminate street lights around the world.”

The geologists examining the dust and rocks the astronauts brought back from the moon discovered that they were electrostatic. This explains what caused the glow that rose 1500 miles above the surface of the moon. The scientists thought it may be dust from the moon reflecting sunlight. However, it was in the dark where there was no sunlight and they could not understand how dust would rise to this very high altitude. A similar glow was recently discovered on the surface of Mars. The scientists speculate that this could be caused by particles from the nearby asteroid belt. Actually, only the energy from the asteroid belt is necessary to stimulate atoms of invisible gases in the vicinity to a glowing, visible state of excitement.

In the May 24, 2015 Science program “The Moon’s Greatest Mysteries” it reported that on Nov. 15, 1953 Tulsa Oklahoma astronomer Leon Steward reported as the winter night closes in he spotted a huge bright flash on the surface of the moon. Jim Scott, Planetary Scientist, said it shows a bright spot on the moon. He thought it was a massive object that exploded on the moon. It is known as the Steward Event and has baffled scientists for a half century.

There have been many reports by astronauts of bizarre glowing objects that the astronauts say appear to be controlled by intelligent extraterrestrials. Objects the scientists call moon pigeons, space angels, space eels, etc. In May 1969 the Apollo 10 transponder failed and was unable to get a lock on their position at the same time a glowing object is seen below the spacecraft that looked like another spacecraft. One scientist said they can trivialize these glowing objects but they cannot trivialize the fact that something goes wrong every time the moon pigeons appear. This means that there is an electrostatic charge that interferes with their transponder and communications every time these glows appear. So it is not any stretch of the imagination to assume that it is the static electricity that is creating these glows in the first place.

The fact that these bizarre glows have not been resolved after decades and centuries indicates that the solution is obviously beyond the scope of the knowledge of conventional physics or the physicists would have been able to explain at least one of them. If they could explain all of them the “NASA Unexplained Files “ program would not be necessary.

On May 18, 2016 I called Dr. Stephen Edberg, a scientist at JPL by telephone to try again to have the JPL scientists consider my concept. In a snail mail letter he wrote to me dated May 13, 1986, he stated: “The structure and variability of cometary gas and dust tails is easily explained by modern physics. The invention of a new and unmeasurable phenomenon ‘magnetic field currents’ is not necessary. Until you can provide predictions of new phenomena that cannot be explained by physics as presently understood your ideas will not be incorporated into the body of physical knowledge. The essence of scientific advancement is the increased understanding of more phenomena; your ideas so far do not offer this.”

When I reminded Dr. Edberg that this period is the future from 1986 and that NASA has been reporting many phenomena that has “perplexed the finest minds at NASA that they cannot explain”, he said that does not make any difference. He said I had to predict phenomena that would be discovered in the future to qualify. All of these reports on “NASA’s Unexplained Files” have been new discoveries that have not been known to exist in 1986 when I wrote to Dr. Edberg and his reply. I am sorry to say it but this is a standard block headed attitude that everything about the universe is already known and easily explained by conventional physics. Yet, at the beginning of every “NASA Unexplained File” a scientist states: “There is more that we don’t know about the universe than we do know. That’s just the nature of science”.

I am extremely disappointed that all of the scientists to whom I have been writing since 1978 have the attitude that the scientists already know everything about the universe. My concept involves the known and measured glowing hydrogen and sodium gases recorded by the cameras aboard the Voyager spacecraft, as well as the intense magnetic fields of Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in the context that the Voyager spacecraft recorded in 1980. And, my demonstration of stimulating the invisible gases in the near vacuum of a fluorescent tube duplicates the gases and the near vacuum of the outer space in which these anomalies appear proves without any doubt that static electricity will positively stimulate atoms of invisible gases to a glowing, visible state of excitement. This contrasts with the failure of scientists to detect dust particles and the fact that these glows often appear in the dark where there isn’t any sunlight to reflect off of either particles of dust or ice or gas. The fact that there is an interruption in the function of the electronic instruments on the spacecraft at the same time these anomalies appear proves that there is absolutely static electricity generated that interrupts the electronic instruments. The only thing lacking is imagination, foresight, the analytical capability to consider the effect of these features on each other, the obstinate adherence to particles and the reticence to contradict the rigid dictates of the scientific wisdom of physics. Lightning provides the proof of the powerful energy and blinding light produced by a static electricity discharge. However, the fact that Nature can produce an abnormal low level static electricity charge that can produce a sustained weak glow by stimulating atoms of gases to a glowing state of excitement until the abnormal energy is dissipated is either overlooked or completely ignored.



chromie-edselEdsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel’s unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth’s atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address: [email protected]

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