Driver Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries In Foxboro Crash

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Eye Witness Report/911 Call 

Submitted by Ace Knight

“While driving home through the rain on Interstate 495 last night, I was startled by a car flying past me recklessly at over 100 mph, maybe  even 120 mph. It suddenly veered off the highway as though out of control and careened upward into a wooded patch, landing nose down against a tree. I immediately jammed on my brakes and ran across the highway to check on the driver, just missing getting struck by another speeding driver. Another vehicle was already  stopped behind mine on the highway. I looked into the crashed vehicle, but visibility was poor and the driver’s seat was empty. The driver had probably not been wearing a seat belt and was possibly in the back seat out of sight. 

Knowing that the driver must still be inside somewhere, I tried to find something to break the window. Unfortunately, I fell on the hillside while doing so and injured my hand on something. When I got up, I saw it was bleeding. Meanwhile, the driver of the other stopped car  was on phone with 911. I asked him to join me in  checking out the car,  but  it was too dark to distinguish anything in the back seat.

As the state police were arriving, I left to attend my own injury, leaving the other witness with the victim. If we had not witnessed the accident, I reflected later, she might not have been discovered  until daylight. Fortunately, the state police were arriving promptly in response to our 911 call as I left. Our prayers are with the victim and we hope that she has a full recovery from any injuries.”

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