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Mazin Qumsiye Global News Centre

When we are engaged in planting we feel great. This is because we are
connecting to our core as human beings. We invented agriculture here in the
Fertile Crescent some 12,000 years ago and since then this has entered our
deepest psyche (who does not love to have their own garden). But the joy of
planting is also true whether it is planting seeds for plants via digging
or planting seeds of hope via action or seeds of knowledge via education or
seeds of freedom via resistance or seeds of peace via justice. Hard work is required and not all soils and all planted seeds grow to fruition. Sometimes you also plant and the harvest is left for another generation.Today, we were preparing work at the Palestine Museum of Natural History  and its Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability (http://palestinenature.org).

Those seeds of research, education, and conservation may take many years to get to full maturity. Students we mentor/coach here sometimes blossom in front of our eyes (for me at three institutions) but sometimes are late bloomers. Either case it is rewarding work beyond description. Tomorrow 40 people will attend our workshop on water and sustainability and we have another workshop on peacemaking in the evening. Tuesday visiting delegations who go back to their countries to plant more seeds of hope. Wednesday we have a conference in Hebron on environment and energy issues. Thursday we go to Jenin to join in planting more seeds with dozens of other activists. We were never busier and never  happier enjoying a spring of bounty. Kudus to the Palestine Marathon emphasizing free movement, held in Bethlehem, attended by 4500 people.

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brought together politicians of all stripes to show their commitment to the
fight against boycotts. In doing so, however, they showed just how
effective the boycott movement really is.

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In this era of universal deceit, we do need the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi
of Satyagraha:

Stay human

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A Bedouin a cyberspace - a villager at home

Professor and Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine

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