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Submitted by Ace Knight

NEWS TIP: King “The Crown So Heavy” Louie

Saturday February 6th New Era Detroit will be galvanizing the people of Flint NED style! We are bringing the whole team up there along with our LIP family and a few other credible groups for the ‪#‎BlackOutFlintDay‬

We are asking as many people from Detroit and all over the state & country to join us in solidarity as we help mobilize the people of‪#‎Flint‬. As an organization we have spent a strong month in Flint and throughout that month we have been able to gather some incredible data from the people about their true needs and wants.

Our research team has been working extremely hard digging deeper into this whole situation. We know what the people want, we know what the people need, it’s time for us to head up there and help them have a voice so loud it will be impossible not to hear! It’s going to take us all to make this happen so we hope to see everyone that is truly for the people out in Flint this Saturday! THIS IS AN ALL BLACK ATTIRE EVENT! please come out in all black in show of strength, solidarity, & power!

We will have great resources for the people. Water (of course) and in addition to that we will will also be doing a Tangie’s Ride! Feeding the people food, information that they need to know, and ultimately giving our Flint family that extra boost of life that they need during this trying time.

It has been a true circus in the city & people have been coming from all over the world, unknowingly at times, making the people feel like some sort of special case. We are going to do it BIG for them so that they know we are ONE and if you think that this situation stops in flint you are greatly mistaken.

THIS WILL BE AN EVENT THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS! For more information you MUST attend our open meeting this Thursday @ 6:30 in Bert’s Theatre 2739 Russell or wait until Friday for location and more detailed information. JUST UNDERSTAND THAT ITS GOING DOWN IN FLINT SATURDAY FEB 6 10am-6pm! This is a serious issue and we should ALL be taking the‪#‎FlintWaterCrisis‬ very serious because your black city is only a Flint away.‪#‎WakeUpOrDieSleep‬ ‪#‎NewEraFlint‬ ‪#‎NewEraDetroit‬   


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