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solar_flare_nasaBoth solar flares and sunspots are created by intense electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere around the Sun and the stars, not from the surface of the Sun.

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(SAN DIEGO)  In a Dec. 8, 2015 Science program titled “Strange Attractions” the narrator said: “Now breakthrough research into these original magnetic fields is changing everything we thought we knew about how stars are born. The blueprint of the universe is drawn with magnetic lines. Magnetic fields help stars ignite.  They shape entire galaxies and the same force that creates magnetism is the cement that holds all matter together.  Without this universal glue there are no stars, no planets, no people and no light.”

In 1991 a member of the Planetary Society publicly vilified me in a newspaper editorial for my concept of magnetic field energy. A copy of the editorial by Franz Joseph Schnaubelt was published in the Salem News on March 9, 2013.  Mr. Schnaubelt wrote: “Any high school science student can affirm they have no foundation in fact contained in even the simplest textbooks on astronomy, electricity, magnetism and physics.”  Now, 34 years later, the scientists are finally reporting a “breakthrough in research” that affirms that my concept now has a foundation in fact but simply was not known and accepted by the science community 34 years ago.

Dr. James Bullock, astrophysicist, said “The old picture about  how stars formed is all you need is gravity and time but we’ve come to understand that the problem is a little more trickier than that, that actually magnetic field plays a fundamental role . It’s possible that without these magnetic fields stars would not exist.  Magnetism works like a cosmic brake.  It slows down the angular momentum down a little bit and eventually spirals down into the center, gravity starts to win.  Gravity beats out fast angular momentum and star formation comes.

Gravity does not beat out angular momentum to begin star formation and stars and planets do not coalesce from dust and gasses as the scientists currently guess.  All masses begin with the magnetic attraction of one atom of gas to another atom of gas of opposite polarity.  This process continues for millions of years converting atoms of gasses into solid particles until the mass becomes large enough to develop gravity and a magnetic field. When the mass becomes large enough it develops a charge of polarity through its core and then creates the encompassing magnetic field disc.  This is proven by the early 1900’s laboratory experiment that proves when a high voltage current is forced through a wire it creates a swirling magnetic field around the mass that produces an eerie glow in the atmospheric gasses around the wire.

The narrator said: “Gravity drags the flowing disc inward crushing until the gas gets so dense it ignites: A star bursts into light.  Gravity and magnetism crush clouds of hydrogen gas to create stars.  Some of these largest stars burn through their hydrogen fuel quickly. Without the power of fusion there’s nothing to fight against gravity. Some times this leads to a violent magnetic death.  The star collapses and explodes into a supernova.”

It isn’t the crushing of hydrogen gas that causes it to ignite.  It is simply when the mass becomes large enough to generate a sufficiently strong magnetic field it is the intensity of the magnetic field that stimulate the atoms of gases in its atmosphere to a glowing, visible state of excitement.  When this magnetic field becomes extremely intense it generates magnetic field current loops of energy that create an electrical explosion when they collide or converge, causing solar flares and supernova effects.

The narrator said: “After a supernova, the star’s core becomes a black hole or a neutron star.  The gassy outer layers of the star blasts out into space and the core of the star crushes inward supercharging its magnetism.  As the supernovas core collapses the magnetic field strength keeps building.  At the end of all this you have a ball 12 miles wide called a magnetar. Astronomers tracking the evolution of magnetic field within the expanding envelope of gas of an exploding star discovered that the field at the leading edges of the remnants gets supercharged as they slam into neighboring clouds of interstellar gas.”

The belief that the magnetic field strength can keep building after the core of a supernova collapses stretches credulity.  The combined magnetic fields of all of the planets and stars of a galaxy are immense exaggerations of an automotive ignition coil and produce an intense magnetic field current flow through the center of the galaxy.  A black hole is created by the intense energy through the core of the swirling combined magnetic fields of all of the stars and planets similar to the intense energy created by the outer windings of an automotive ignition coil. When we view a galaxy from the negative end of the center current flow it appears to be a black hole simply because the current flow and the movement of the galaxy away from our line of sight creates a negative energy potential.  When we view the same phenomenon from the positive end of the center current flow it appears to be a bright flow of light similar to a quasar or pulsar.

Dr. Bullock said: “Magnetic field lines act sort of like super highways for charged particles.  Charged particles want to track along them.”

This is true. The conventional belief was that only a flow of particles can create a magnetic field current flow.

Dr. Bullock said: “You’re probably familiar with magnets.  They either pull together or push apart.  The surprising answer is light. It turns out that what’s going on is that there are particles that are being exchanged between the magnets and those particles are called photons.  These are the same photons that create light.”

This is foolish. It is the short wavelengths of energy of the electromagnetic spectrum that creates a photon of light. Hence it is the shorter wavelengths of electromagnetic energy that causes a magnet to attract to any other energy of opposite polarity and repel those of like polarity.

The narrator said: “photons are packets of energy our eyes detect to see the world around us. And in the bizarre world of quantum mechanics photons are at the very heart of magnetism plunging down at the subatomic.  We can see how atoms are made up of a nucleus surrounded by a cloud of electrons.”

Dr. Michelle Thaller, astronomer, said: “Think about the structure of an atom.  There’s a positive charge in the nucleus and the electrons have a negative charge.  They attract each other.”

The narrator said: “To explain this attraction quantum physicists think that both photons and electrons spit out short lived bursts of photons.  Oppositely charged particles absorb each others length and this draws the particles together and this is known as electromagnetism.  Electromagnetism also causes atoms to stick together to form us and everything around us.”

Again this is foolish.  Particles of opposite polarity attract each other while particles of like polarity repel each other without any indication of photons of light.

Dr. Bullock said: “The molecular bonds in our body are bound together by electromagnetic interaction and so therefore they are bound together by light.”

We do not glow in the dark.

The narrator said: “The universe without electromagnetism would come apart at the seams.  Electromagnetism rules on Earth and in the night sky.  In fact it shapes the night sky.  The force of electromagnetism is 1,040 times greater than gravity.  Electromagnetism draws the electrons and protons together to create the first elements hydrogen and helium.  The light trapped between these fundamental particles is set free.  For the very first time the lights of the universe is turned on.”

In 1991 the scientists insisted that the magnetic field was so weak compared to gravity that it was totally irrelevant.  This is why it was ignored for over 3 decades. Light is not trapped between fundamental particles. Light is created when the intensity of the magnetic field current becomes high enough to stimulate atoms of gases to a glowing, visible state of excitement and heat id created when the resistance between magnetic field currents becomes high enough.

Dr. Bullock said: “These smallest magnets in the universe are atoms themselves that create basically mini bar magnets that are on the scale of the subatomic world.”

This is true and should be emphasized.  This supports my contention that it is the accumulation of an immense mass of these atoms of mini bar magnets in the form of atoms that create the magnetic fields of all of the moons, planets and stars. This explains the relative intensity of the size of the mass in conjunction with the ferrous composition of the mass.  Keep in mind that the scientists still do not understand exactly how a swirling iron core of the Earth creates its magnetic field or how the magnetic field of the Sun and the stars are created and sustained by internal thermonuclear fusion.

The narrator said: “When a magnetic field snaps it releases all of its stored energy blasting out a magnetically charged cannon ball called a coronal mass ejection.”

Dr.  Phil Plait said: “A coronal mass ejection blasts out this energy that’s a huge amount of sub atomic particles something like a billion tons which will erupt out from the Sun and head out into interplanetary space.  This cloud of particles has its own magnetic field that goes with it and when it hits the Earth it can interact with our magnetic field.”

Both solar flares and sunspots are created by intense electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere around the Sun and the stars, not from the surface of the Sun.  So it does not blast out billions of tons of particles but billions of volts of electromagnetic energy. So it isn’t a cloud of particles that has its own magnetic field.  It is a discharge of magnetic field energy itself.

I can understand why the scientists want to continue at least part of their old beliefs in their explanations of the magnetic field energy they are now discovering in their breakthrough research but it will hinder their final understanding of their discoveries. Plus, they are adding complex and convoluted scenarios to what should be a very simple and demonstrable explanation of the universe from the time of the creation of the universe. The electromagnetic principle can be explained in the same context from the atom to the galaxy.




chromie-edselEdsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel’s unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth’s atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address: [email protected]

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