New Research Shakes Tradition: Knight’s “Black Prophet”

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New Research John the Baptist The Black Prophet is rattling the windows of orthodoxy with its assertion that we have gotten the Crucifixion of Jesus all wrong. Everybody knows that Jesus was put on the cross and crucified, right? Well, maybe not, according to Ace Knight.

It is well known that Muslims deny the death of Jesus on the cross. For centuries, theories have circulated among sects usually considered heretical by the religious establishment as to how Jesus may have evaded such a death, but Knight’s theory trumps them all: the man nailed to the cross was not Jesus at all but rather his cousin John the Baptist!

Absurd? Perhaps not. Knight puts forth well-reasoned arguments for his proposition and has marshalled considerable circumstantial evidence to support his cause. His re-interpretation of some key words in the Quran causes anxiety in some Islamic scholarly circles, however some have already gained acceptance. He does not state that his solution is definitive; only that it is a possible solution put before the reader for his consideration.

Knight dismisses the Biblical stories of Salome’s dance and John’s beheading that are also found in Islamic tradition as fiction. He replaces them with a more historically satisfying solution of the fate of John the Baptist. Knight has made the restoration of John the Baptist, known in the Islamic world as Yahya, to his rightful place among the prophets his life mission.

Writes Dr. Crook: “John the Baptist, this neglected and underestimated prophet has an enthusiastic advocate in Ace Knight.”



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