(Alcohol & Drug Recovery) AfterLife by Slick/Ace Knight Film


Dedicated to Kenneth Stevenson and Michael J. Root/2017

Tim King Global News Centre

Submitted by Ace Knight

I believe music heals the soul. While it’s no new philosophy, it’s more true today than ever. Alcohol and drug addiction is killing people across our nation and artistic approaches hold a bigger bounty than any traditional means.

The power that alcohol and drugs hold over people is a force to be reckoned with. We should never forget that we are surrounded by former users and recovering addicts. We should fight that power so that people may have a chance to live life to the fullest. It isn’t too late if you are reading this. 

The performer in this video, Slick, has experienced the seven circles of hell in alcohol and drug addiction. Fortunately, he has climbed out from that inferno and is singing to us about his experiences. For his effort, Slick and those like him deserve our respect and support. It is no easy journey that he has made from addiction to sobriety. 

AfterLife by Slick/StudioAce Hijacked Media
Music Production: Sinima, Slick, And Ace Knight
Video Production: Ace Knight
Behold by Gentiana/2017

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