Pro Daynjah - State terrorism

State terrorism is the epitome of a society gone wrong. Humanity has no bigger foe in the world than government sponsored terror agents willing to live outside of international law. The agents of state terrorism wear no masks, they wrap their identities behind their national flag and fain legitimacy.

Tim King Global News Centre

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(SALEM) Pro Daynjah, in Kingston, Jamaica, says he started singing as a baby, and he believes music is the highest profession.  Echoing the words of human rights activists all over the world, his new song, “State Terrorism” - explores one of the most dangerous elements on the face of the earth; governments parading as legitimate, legal entities, cause more harm and more destruction…. more terror, than even the worst of the stereotypes.

From the US to Israel, not to mention a whole fleet of nations in Africa and the Middle east, this practice erodes human ambition, and forces people to abandon dreams.  It is about using fifty dollar jet fighters to kill people randomly and indiscriminately.

The possession of large amounts of taxpayer revenue, used for the destruction of innocent human beings under false flag conditions, doesn’t hold a torch to blowing a bus up in Tel Aviv, or Colombo, a practice that used to be common.  The warring ways of the west and its subservient allied nations, kill far far more than any legitimate nation could ever justify.

The nations that brand revolutionary groups as “terrorist” often, militarily, make the acts of said groups pale in comparison.

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