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Two brilliant young entrepreneurs embark on aggressive Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

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(SWITZERLAND / USA) After years of development, Alan Elleberger and Glaudio Gloor co-founders of petTracer Ag have developed the world’s first and only ultra-light GPS cat collar which solves the fear cat owners all over the globe share – the loss of their beloved animal - and are ready to release it to the world just in time for Christmas by launching an aggressive, yet doable Indiegogo campaign.

One million dollars investment, several years of time and extensive research have resulted in the solution cat lovershave longed for. With petTracer, it is now possible to eliminate the fear of losing one’s beloved cat – and for less than what it costs to get a latte at your favorite coffee shop.

Now that the development and prototypes are done and tested, it is time to bring this impressive product to market. The two entrepreneurs have decided to launch an ambitious crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

“We have succeeded in our vision of being the first in the world to develop a fully-operational, ultra-light GPS-collar that can be safely used on any cat. This collar will spare cat owners many sleepless nights and distress caused by the fear of loss of their cat which can go missing for days or weeks at a time,” says Ellenberger who knows very wellhow painful it is when one’s beloved cat does not return home.

Large numbers of cats go missing every year causing untold amount of anxiety among the affected families. Kids hanging up missing-signs around their neighbourhood to find their beloved cat are proof that cats are more than just pets – they are part of the family. Their loss is a great tragedy.

“This will become a distant memory with the arrival of petTracer,” says Gloor co-founder of petTracer Ag, “For years,we have thoroughly studied the behaviour, habitats and demands of cats with long and careful research. Our pioneering work in the field of energy-saving procedures for ‘micro GPS-applications’ has been carried out. Workingclosely with various experts in the fields of electronics, radio transmission, software-engineering and design, it was possible to develop and patent a fully operational, yet ultra-light GPS cat collar of the highest precision and fitted with the latest high-tech that meets the high Swiss quality standards.”

 What makes petTracer unique: 

ultra-light – just over 20 grams weighs the same as any regular collar, fully weatherproof and skin- friendly collar, high comfort level for cats, one-click safety buckle to prevent cats from getting strangled, long battery life, protects your cat from permanent exposure of potentially harmful mobile phone radiation as it operates independently of mobile phone networks and uses safe radio transmission technology having a radiation level that is 100 times below that of standard mobile phone networks, keeps a constant record of a cat’s tracks and even enables the owner to find his cat in places with bad GPS-reception or none at all.

The user-friendly petTracer-web portal IS the solution for tracing cats carrying the GPS-cat collar wherever they maybe in the world.  The free mobile phone apps for IOS and Android make it even easier to locate one’s cat.

The option of tagging safety-zones and subsequent marking of dangerous streets promptly informs a cat owner when the cat has put itself in danger.

In addition to the aspect of safety, the peetTracer GPS-cat collar also provides an array of interesting information on the cat’s behaviour such as distance covered, speed or favourite locations which can be shared and compared with friends in a playful way.

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