US kills 168 Pakistan children with drones, WHO kills 69 times more Pakistani children with vaccines

vaccinesSomehow, a group that causes mass deaths, has a Nazi background, uses bioweapons, is connected to the CIA and DOD, is not seen as military or geopolitical. 

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(WASHINGTON DC)  The WHO exists unseen like a stealth plane.  “Health” is its cover, but it is one of the mostly deadly organizations on earth. But nowhere do you read that giant criminal multinationals are preparing vaccines to go with the GMO-viruses that the WHO and its associated NGOs release on purpose which allow them to declare martial law anywhere they wish.

The WHO is one of the most death dealing forces in the world, its “partners” supported supported Hitler and ran the concentration camps and experimented with vaccines, and today they store, use bioweapons created by the US DOD, create false flags wherever they wish which they call “outbreaks” and then vaccine teams with CIA in them are sent in (as in Pakistan).  And it is backed by military when it wishes.

Somehow, a group that causes mass deaths, has a Nazi background, uses bioweapons, is connected to the CIA and DOD, is not seen as military or geopolitical.
It’s not even watched.  In a world where we now know we are being lied to about everything - money, wars, food, politics, history, etc. etc. - health, perhaps the largest profit source in the world, is not rigged?
That naivete on the part of alternative media has certainly made it a cake walk for  the WHO to have major and detailed plans for a coup and take over of US, arranged under the Bushes, and be getting away with it.  Yeah, let’s all watch the Ukraine, while the US is set to be taken down, and it’s right there all on paper.

One person is dead from a bomb today in Turkey.  That’s reported on.  It should be.

But how many fetuses, children, and adults did the WHO - IG Farben Redux - get away with killing today with vaccines - while being treated as beneficent?  How many more millions of women are they sterilizing as they just did in Kenya?
Not one death was reported on by RT or Zero Hedge or Press TV or Sputnik.  But without question people are dying by the 100s if not 1000s today from vaccines.
And meanwhile, WHO (IG Farben Redux) is moving to mandate their liability-free (in the US) vaccines which even say on the package inserts they can cause death.
Mandated death.  Is RT reporting on it?  Is Press TV?
What war correspondent will start reporting on this literally Nazi genocidal operation which is inventing lethal viruses for profit and which has its own “regulations” on the books to bring in martial law wherever it declares an emergency (with proof), to force its biologic agents (vaccines) into people?
Here are just a few of their geopolitically invaluable false flags, allowing them into areas that NATO wants.

BBC News - Syria polio outbreak confirmed by WHO

UN brands polio outbreak in Syria and Iraq ‘most challenging in history’

Polio: Pakistan polio outbreak hits record high - BBC News


But what is really going on?

The WHO is helping the US military by sickening and even murdering children in all the countries the US is fighting.  Kids dead from drones in Pakistan are reported on.

U.S. Drone Strikes Are Causing Child Casualties: Video and Report

Study: CIA drones strikes have killed 168 children in Pakistan 

Covert Drone War in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia | The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

But where are the numbers of the kids murdered by the WHO which is run by Bill Gates and the Rockefellers as the controlling donors?  10,000 kids died in Pakistan killed by the WHO

69 times more than were killed by drones.

Not a word in the media.

And when people in Pakistan try to avoid those vaccines - those weapons - what does the WHO do to them - they get the Pakistan government to mandate the very “weapon” that killed them and start arresting parents who try to protect their children from being killed.


Vaccine Mandates In Real Life: Over 500 Pakistani Parents Arrested for Not Vaccinating With Polio Vaccine That Killed 10,000 children

Talk about power!

US military doesn’t have anything close to it.   They can’t mandate drones.  They can’t force Pakistani parents in the 1000s to put their children outside and get them to stand still so the US  can get their drone operators to hit just where the children are standing, nor can they arrest parents for not cooperating with the deaths of their children, or have the world to congratulate the military for their benevolence in trying to help the children or get donations from around the world to keep up the good work.

Take a good look.  This is a war.  Drones, 168 children.  Vaccines, 10,000 children.

Can you see it yet?

Does this help?


CIA Vaccine Plot In Pakistan Reveals A History Of Abuse

Pakistani Islamists shooting polio vaccine medics as CIA and Jewish Stooges


So you trust UNICEF which works with the WHO - both part of the caring UN?  UNICEF appears to have been involved in triggering Ebola.


Rethinking the Goodness of Doctors Without Borders: Ebola Outbreaks Coincided with UN, WHO, UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders Vaccine Campaigns


That’s most recently.  But UNICEF has actually been viciously murderous, ever since its beginning.

UNICEF’S Role in Sterilizing and Killing Sephardic Children immigrating to Israel 

UNICEF used radiation to kill ringworm!  At 35,000 times the allowable limit of rads.  With children screaming in pain. 

But it’s worse than that.  Those children’s families were moving to Israel from Morocco and other North African countries, only because the Mossad had done false flags there - exactly as is happening now in Paris, Copenhagen, Belgium - to scare Jewish families who had been living peacefully with Muslim neighbors for centuries, to move to Israel.

When they arrived, they’re children were tortured and sterilized or out and out killed by UNICEF.

At this very moment who is the US fighting?  Ukraine? 

How militarily convenient - a polio outbreak!  And there is UNICEF and the WHO, which just killed all those children in Pakistan, working together to “help” the Ukraine.


WHO, UNICEF concerned about threat of polio outbreak in Ukraine


They can send vaccine teams (perhaps with CIA, as was done to Pakistan) into the Donbass region, spy, and perhaps cripple and kill thousand of kids as they did to Pakistan.

Look who’s behind it.  Aren’t some of those the same people who funded Hitler and control NATO and the CIA now?


Or perhaps the WHO and Gates will mostly just cripple Ukrainian kids as they did to India.





What a great way to “soften up” the area, destabilize it further, while media reports on the WHO as caring, as helpful -  as donations pour in.

And if the Ukrainians resist the vaccines as Pakistan tried to do, the NY Times and western media will excoriate them perhaps even call them terrorists.  More anti-Eastern Ukraine media.  And the WHO may impose mandates and force the (previously lethal) vaccines, remove the right to travel (perhaps into Russia, for instance), shut down whole areas.


So, when do war correspondents wake up? 

Polio is being used as a false flag.  It is being used by the US/UN/WHO/Rockefellers as a means to spy as well as to murder children in huge numbers with vaccines, overwhelming already attacked communities.  

The vaccines themselves must finally be jerked loose from a gigantic and haloed medical LIE and seen for what they are - biological weapons of war.

Vaccines, a lie?  No?

One needs only look at secret UK government documents over the last 30 years, obtained through FOIA, to see that vaccines don’t work, they cause the diseases they are alleged to prevent and they contain dangerous toxins.

Vaccines are a medical hoax.  But they are true biologic threat.

The WHO is a global geopolitical and military operation which has been killing in the millions since WWII


This alone proves it.  Millions of people died.


1987: WHO Admitted Its Smallpox Vaccine Caused AIDS - while omitting that it had requested The Virus 

Now it is murdering with Bill Gates’ polio vaccines and sterilizing with tetanus vaccines.

WHO Puts Kenyan Tetanus Vaccine Under Police Guard to Avoid Testing

But alternative media is focused on bombs and airplanes.  Meanwhile children are being killed with bioweapons by the WHO in all the countries the US wants to control, and the WHO is preparing a take over of the US using.


It’s time to expose the WHO as a covert military operation it is.

It’s time to report on the reality of all the deaths it is causing internationally and the bioweapons it and its partners are ready to unleash on the world.

WHO partners:  The Criminal and Nazi Companies Making the Ebola Vaccines



Here is a little of what serious reporting on the WHO has looked like.  Things now are much worse, but then again, much more obvious, so exposing the WHO should be a field day for war reporters.


Ukraine WHO and the Geopolitics of Swine Flu Panic - F W Engdahl

Ukraine Swine Flu deaths indicate H1N1 vaccine and biological weapon link

Swine-Flu Panic in Ukraine: Crisis or Political Ploy?

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