To Syria and President Assad: Kobani is the answer!

Assad should start betting on the real forces on the ground , why not choose to resist? Why not turn every town and city of Syria into Kobani?

Daniel Mabsout Special to Global News Center

(BEIRUT)  For almost four years now , we are still holding the same discourse regarding Syria , and what i read - in terms of articles or posts or comments - belongs to the same category which is to defend Syria and its president saying that Syria was subject to a world conspiracy, This is good but this is not enough…

What we need is to update our thinking and our speech . The Challenge is too big to be met with praising president Assad and complaining about the conspiracy when it has taken new global dimensions, and when Syria has become totally exposed to the NATO forces that are raiding its territories without permission and without UN consent .

And nobody is noticing that - after four years of struggle- we are back to the first chapter, and the Syrian airspace is open to NATO forces in the form of the Coalition without UN permission but with Syria’s consent that has been merely informed about the strikes .

The latest news say that US is training special pilots to operate in the Mediterranean that will be in charge of special missions over Syria. This means that we are in No Fly Zone practically, and this is the reason why the Syrian air fighters did not try to help Kobani - on the borders with Turkey - because this area has been as if reserved for the Coalition forces to operate in. Not only this, but the Syrians feared that the Turkish defenses will bring down their air fighters.

Isn’t this a very dangerous development of the Situation? Are we facing this development by merely praising Assad and the Syrian army? Will this be enough? Has this proved to be enough before? Of course not, this proved to be insufficient as everything else undertaken by the Syrian government was insufficient to protect the country and the people .

The creating of a buffer zone in the Golan heights that has been occupied by al Nusrat, is as dangerous as what is happening in the north that seeks to eradicate the Kurds from Syria and redraw the map of the area without the Syrian Kurdish component.

President Assad’s wrong betting on the Russian card at the expense of the regional card of the Axis of the Resistance is the original mistake committed by the authorities because this is what globalized the Syrian situation that went out of regional hands to become in the global hands of the super powers that Syria can only become subjugated to. This is how Syria - instead of being part of the Axis of the Resistance against Israel-became part of the World Order orchestra of Terror and anti Terror replacing both the enemy and the ally by made up fictitious substitutes .

Keeping Assad in position is not enough to claim victory, in fact there is no victory and no one speaks of victory . There was talk of some achievements before the Coalition started targeting Syria and Syria’s infra structure under the pretext of fighting ISIS. The Syrian army is still achieving on the ground but there is fear that these achievements will become part of the global agenda regarding Syria, and that Syria might take too long before recovering any of its unity… and where this war will extend indefinitely costing more lives and causing more pain.

There are but two choices in this tug of war and they are the Axis of the Resistance and the World Order and one cannot belong to both.  This attempt - on behalf of the president - to disengage partly with his immediate partners and build parallel bridges with Russia and then making Putin the Reference and the decision maker - regarding Syria - will push Syria further to the World Order Camp which is what we are witnessing right now.

Assad should start betting on the real forces on the ground , why not choose to resist? Why not turn every town and city of Syria into Kobani? If he chooses to reform the rule and stop corruption and fight Israel, most Syrians will back him really and fully, and not by fake votes dropped in the box from fear of the repercussions on them and their families.

Thus, the Syrians will recover their unity and solidarity and their feeling of belonging, and will recover the patriotism that they seriously lack and they will stop idling and conspiring against their country and selling their people and cause for trifles. Isn’t this worthwhile trying? Isn’t there a lesson for us all to learn from Kobani??? Isn’t Resistance the most wonderful and righteous thing that can ever happen to us in this condition?

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