United Nations Security Council “Ceasefire” Resolutions And The State Of Palestine

Requesting an occupying military genocidal force for basic medical goods and other basic needs is not only unjust but downright cruel and unusual punishment which no human should deserve.

Dr. Parasaran Rangarajan for Global News Centre

(NEW YORK)  While Israel has stated it will unilaterally request “peace for peace”  if an agreement is not reached by Monday night, it has also stated the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) will pass a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza and the State of Palestine with the support of the U.S. (1)

To this moment, the State of Palestine and Hamas still offer a peace deal on the 11 point Egyptian terms with small wording changes which will give full security for Israel through European Union Monitoring Mission and European Union Border Police for Israel/Gaza borders. In addition, the Palestinian National Security Forces are ready to play a peacekeeping role on the borders as was suggested by Israel at first.

Over 80% of targets in Gaza have been civilians according to the United Nations(2) which has termed Israeli actions as “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”. The State of Palestine cannot tolerate bombings on civilian objects and on even United Nations Refugee Camps as well as on U.N. Schools in Gaza.

The people of Gaza are picking up the remains of what they have lost in family members in the past 5 days and are being forced to inhuman and cruel conditions in the illegal blockade of Gaza where no objects can enter without the consent of the  occupying power. It is important to remember the occupation of a U.N. “state” and/or   under the 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States(3) itself is illegal under International Humanitarian Law (IHL) as well as the 4th Geneva Conventions Relative To The Protection Of Civilian Persons In The Time Of War(4) which Israel is party to.

In this scenario, there cannot be de-militarsation of the State of Palestine unless the State of Israel is also de-militrarised as a people being exposed to a full scale genocide require defence and they must be allowed the normal equal rights given to all peoples of this earth under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) (5) which Israel is also party to.

Requesting an occupying military genocidal force for basic medical goods and other basic needs is not only unjust but downright cruel and unusual punishment which no human should deserve.

In addition, there is a long list of re-construction that needs to be done in Gaza which requires concrete materials and a system of import-export regulation as the State of Palestine has stated it is to open its own Central Bank printing its own currency giving it the economic freedom from the Israeli Shekel and Jordan Dinar.

A full long term truce offer with full security for Israel is still on the table if it can trust its partners in the European Union, United Nations, and international community to protect its borders. Otherwise, the UNSC will have to be utilised to bring about a ceasefire as the people of the State of Palestine fight for their rights to live a normal life in dignity.

Even without the U.S., utilising U.N. General Assembly Resolution 377 (6) (“Uniting For Peace Resolution”) can override any veto at the Security Council to uphold peace which was done in Lebanon in 1979 one a rare occasion and is also branded on the U.N. Peacekeeping website.(7)

It is important to point out that every UNSC Ceasefire Resolution has had a deployment of a U.N. Peacekeeping Contingent incorporated into the text to uphold the ceasefire and protect civilians.

This goes back to the first “United Nations Truce Supervision Organization” designed for the Middle East with regards to Palestine on the date of May 29th, 1948 and established via United Nations Security Council Resolution 50(8).

List of UNSC Ceasefire Resolutions And Attached U.N. Peacekeeping Contingents:

1. 1948 United Nations Security Council Resolution 49(9)  (U.N. Truce Commission Deployed To Palestine)

2. 1948 United Nations Security Council Resolution 54(10) (Paramilitary Forces Ordered  To Respond In 3 Days)

3. 1950 United Nations Security Council Resolution 80(11)  (U.N. Commission for India and Pakistan Already Established In 1948 Re-Deployed)

4. 1951 United Nations Security Council Resolution 92(12)  (United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine Already Established in 1948 Re-Deployed)

5. 1973 United Nations Security Council Resolution 338(13)  (United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) Already Established In 1956 But Re-Established As UNEF-II From 1973-1979 By United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1001 (ES-I))(14)

6. 1974 United Nations Security Council Resolution 350(15) (Established United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF))

7. 1987 United Nations Security Council Resolution 598(16) (United Nations Iran –Iraq Military Observer Group Established In 1988 via United Nations Security Council Resolution 619 Deployed To Area)

8. 1991 United Nations Security Council Resolution 687(17) (Deployed United Nations Iraq –Kuwait Observation Mission To Area)

9. 2006 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701(18) (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNFIL) via Security Council Resolution 425(19) And 426(20) 20  of 1978 Re-Deployed)

Any “ceasefire resolution”, if passed, should be no different since it as a part of customary international law; we follow the administrative precedents. The people of Gaza and the State of Palestine deserve peace after approximately more than 60 years of suffering.

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