Progression Session with Brian Martin and Scott Moreau

Scott Moreau

Agron Belica Global News Centre

Film/Edit Billy Freeman

Brian Martin and Scott Moreau tear up this lot in central CT.

I have known Scott Moreau, performing here in this video with his motorcycling partner Brian Martin, most of my life. He is a former professional freestyler who has, in recent years, brought his cycling expertise to street-bike freestyle. He never quits until he achieves perfection, a perfection that both dazzles and excites the spectator. He uses his motorcycle as a kind of partner in a display of skillful daring that causes the pulse to race and at times elicits gasps of astonishment from the spectator. Warning to would be emulators: wear a suit of steel armor with plenty of cushions before attempting to perform any of Scott’s stunts!


If you would like to book them for a show please contact Brian Martin:

Instagram: @moto_martin
Email: [email protected]

Contact Billy Freeman [email protected]

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