Bay Area Intactivists

Bay Area Intactivists

Bay Area Intactivists is a human rights organization comprised of community members who are working to end forced genital modification. Our mission is to defend the human right to genital integrity and to ensure that the genital autonomy of every individual is respected without discrimination based on sex, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We oppose all forms of unnecessary genital modification such as non-therapeutic circumcision and genital “normalizing” surgery when performed on individuals who are unable to provide informed consent.

Bay Area Intactivists members take part in various community events in order to raise awareness of the functions of the intact body, the damage caused by forced genital modification, and the human right to genital integrity. Planning takes place primarily via email and occasionally at local meetings. Membership is free. Anyone who is interested in joining our efforts is encouraged to subscribe to our email lists.

Bay Area Intactivists is a member of the International Coalition for Genital Integrity and has agreed to the ICGI Genital Integrity Declaration.





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