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Global News Centre Special

TARRYTOWN, NY—Intact America, an organization that opposes the forced genital cutting of babies and children, sharply criticizes today’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) proposed guidelines for circumcision.

Anti-circumcision ‘intactivist’ arrested in Tuscaloosa while wearing ‘blood’ painted pants

Global News Centre

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — The leader of a group of protesters wearing white suits with fake blood painted on their groins was arrested in Tuscaloosa Saturday after he allegedly interfered with police trying to issue the group a citation.

Unleashed: “Them Crazies…Cutting up them Babies”

Patrick Smyth for Global News Centre

Published by Allyson Zoto

I first encountered Ace by chance several months ago whilst browsing some circumcision protest videos on youtube and was immediately struck by his songs: Day after day, and Leave those babies alone. What great tunes and such powerful lyrics. Also some superb graphics. This man really gets it!

Circumciser Tries and FAILS to Defend Violating Children

BloodStained Men

During the four day Bloodstained Men & Friends protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics Convention in San Diego, a circumciser (Claudia Fruin) approached the genital autonomy demonstrators and tried to defend 25 years of violating children’s genitals.

Published by Allyson Zoto Global News Centre

Film by Jamal, Benjamin, and Alexander Belica

The Belica Boys“I met Agron Belica at an unusual interfaith conference in New York City. He was a professional, but also a passionate man. I soon discovered that my friend is at once a writer, a singer, and a man of many hobbies. His book on who actually was on the cross caused a stir in academia, yet Agron is not an academician. I was surprised to hear my friend’s songs, which again were artistically moving; yet, my friend is neither a professional musician nor a poet. Agron and I discovered a spiritual affinity between us, which I cannot explain. It is beautiful and enriching.”  -Professor Mahmoud Ayoub Hartford Seminary

Global News Centre

RE: A Musician Well Ahead of His Time, Ace Releases ‘Unleashed’


Agron Belica

Tim King Global News Centre

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Agron Belica is gaining a larger audience every day with his songs about disaster and human suffering. He is ahead of his time and the world is struggling to keep up with him.

Bay Area Intactivists 2014 Fundraiser

Working to protect ALL children—male, female, and intersex—from genital mutilation.

Submitted by Jamal Belica Global News Centre

Tinkerbell’s Tantrum By James Loewen feat. Brother K

While demonstrating with Bloodstained Men & Friends at the San Francisco Pride Festival, activist Brother K was accosted by a young woman dressed as a fairy. 

Jesus ‘Healed Using Cannabis’ By Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles

Global News Centre

“What’s sweet, smells good, and in a holy book” -Cannabis by Agron Belica 2011

Jesus as almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.

Circumcision Protest Reaching Critical Mass

Photo/Video by James Loewen

Global News Centre

In San Francisco the Bloodstained Men & Their Friends demonstrated (June 27, 2014) at the the plaza in front of the Ferry Building, one of the busiest areas of foot traffic in the world. Later that day they were joined by members of the Bay Area Intactivists who form a contingent (Critical Integrity) the last Friday of every month to ride with Critical Mass.

Crucifixion theory: “Misdirection at it’s best” - Agron Belica (New Video)


Global News Centre

(BOSTON) – Recent research embodied in a new book by Agron Belica invites our attention to the predicament of John the Baptist, popularly known for little more than the story of his beheading by order of Herod Antipas at the behest of a seductive dancing girl, the infamous Salome.

His book, The Passion of the Baptist, Not the Christ, arguing from the chronological and historical evidence provided by the ancient Jewish historian Josephus and the New Testament about John, demonstrates that the story of his beheading is almost certainly spurious. Comparison with the writings of Josephus gives the lie to this scenario for, as the detailed scrutiny and evaluation of Josephus’s text shows, Herod Antipas probably did not order John’s execution until 36 CE, half a dozen years later than most datings of the event of the crucifixion. Belica suggests that it was the Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) who was placed on the cross and survived the ordeal and not Jesus, in a case of mistaken identity.

INFANT MALE CIRCUMCISION: A Violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Dr. Arif Bhimji

A Violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Submitted by Agron Belica Global News Centre 

THE ORIGINS of circumcision lie in the dim past. The earliest Egyptian mummies (2300 B.C.) bear the marks of circumcision, and wall paintings to be seen in Egypt show that it was customary several thousand years earlier still. Many reasons for this practice have been proffered, ranging from obeying the law of God to promoting public health.

Understanding circumcision is a formidable task. Religious requirements, ethical arguments, legal rulings, human rights issues, and medical study upon medical study threaten to overwhelm all but the most diligent researcher. The unwary are soon bogged down in a quagmire of myth and misinformation. Controversy has swirled around this practice, it seems, from the earliest times. Why all the fuss over a mere “piece of skin”?

The answer is that fundamental principles are at stake-principles that form the very foundation of ethics, law, and human rights. These basic precepts are not receiving due attention in the current debate over circumcision. Instead, circumcision is being looked at almost exclusively from the standpoints of public health and theology, as though these two frames of reference were the only ones that mattered. This paper, however, puts ethics, law, and human rights at the centre of the debate over circumcision. Read more here

Elisabeth Halligan: “Stood Up For Human Rights”

Global News Centre Special

I am a Registered Nurse, Certified Pediatric Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Counselor. In the course of my job duties, I came across a mom upset because she didn’t have several hundred dollars to pay for her infant son’s circumcision.

I let her know that it would be okay, that she didn’t have to have her son circumcised. I didn’t go into graphic details. I didn’t use inflammatory language. I merely let her know that she didn’t HAVE to do it. I gave her information about the proper care of an intact baby boy. That’s it.

Because of this, I have been given a five-shift unpaid leave of absence from work. Because I was put on call for last night’s shift, that means an entire paycheck lost… because I told the truth. Circumcision is not mandatory.

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