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We don’t use “enhanced interrogation techniques”; we torture.

Joe Clifford 

Global News Centre

I am tired of hearing the phrase “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”. After reading the Torture Report, no reputable media outlet should ever use that expression again. No longer should media cover for government “torture” and “torturers”. 

Tired of Voting While Holding Your Nose?

Joseph Clifford

Global News Centre

During the recent election many found themselves not liking either candidate, or voting for the lesser of two evils. People argue there is no real difference between the candidates and parties, save for social differences. On matters that pertain to all Americans such as national health care, impunity and dominance of Wall Street, ending monopolies on cable and communications companies, endless war, the influence of money in elections, minimum wage, and a host of others, both parties really are no different, and voters vote with a clothespin on their nose, upset with their lack of meaningful choices. 

Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar Discusses Evolution of Islam

Tim Laleh

Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar New York Times

Interview by Tim King

One of America’s top scholars on Islam tackles the controversial subject of reformation; says no aspect of Quran endorses abuse of women.

A Master Of His Craft


Jay R. Crook, Ph.D. Global News Centre

In his latest song, Agron Belica throws down his gauntlet before the artistic world. While paraphrasing the wisdom of the revolutionary Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and invoking the spirit of the great Persian poet and mystic, Jallaluddin Rumi and his whirling dervish followers, Agron takes his stand and demands to be heard. Well done, Agron! Yours is a voice and a message to be reckoned with. Pay attention, world!

Dumb and Dumber: The US Public and Congress

Joseph Clifford

Global News Centre

Boy are we stupid!

In the old days a bunch of guys got together to draw up a new Constitution and came up with a brilliant ingenious document that has proven to be effective and flexible; until we got stupid. The very bright founders of this country could not build anything into the Constitution to protect Americans from their own stupidity, and here we are.

A Nation without a Conscience


Joseph Clifford Global News Centre

We are a nation without a conscience, and that friends, is a frightening thing. Far more frightening than any terrorist group could ever be to this nation. Recently I discussed with a friend, the folly of our 23 year war on Iraq. I cited the example of the US imposing the most brutal sanctions in the history of the world on an innocent people. Nothing was allowed into their country, and as the sanctions took their deadly toll the rest of the world pleaded with us to remove them, but to no avail.

Children and the elderly were the hardest hit by the sanctions, as the sick and the infirmed always suffer most in cases like this. In a 1996 famous interview on 60 Minutes, Lesley Stahl asked then Secretary of State Madeline Albright a powerful question. “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” Without blinking Ms. Albright answered, “Yes we think it is worth it.”

Translations and Commentaries of the Quran May Need Revision

Agron “Ace” Belica

Global News Centre

For centuries, Muslims have assumed that John the Baptist (Yahya), like Jesus, never married or sired children. This is in accordance with Christian tradition, but, Belica argues, there is no cogent reason for Muslims to accept this belief. On the contrary, he says, this view of Yahya is inconsistent with the text of the Quran.

Are Dead Children Worth a Phone Call?

Joseph Clifford    Global News Centre

A person gives an assault weapon to another, who then enters a school and begins killing innocents. The serial killer finds himself running low on ammunition, but the person on the outside who gave him the assault rifle, runs in with fresh ammo and the slaughter continues. Who is being assaulted in this example? Palestinians. Who is the assaulter in this case? Israel. Who is the person who arms and enables the assaulter in this example? The United States government.

Prostitutes take over Congress

A classic example of the ineffectiveness of Congress is now ongoing and can be seen in the Gaza situation.

Joe Clifford Global News Centre

It is little wonder the US public has little or no respect for the US Congress. Recent polls indicate Congress has a 10-11% approval rating which obviously means almost 90% of the American people hold Congress in contempt. One major reason for this is because Americans know full well Congress only responds to money and campaign contributions, and their need for money and votes far outweighs the interest of most Americans. Another recent study indicated that special interest groups, big donors, and large corporations are well represented, but the average citizen is totally unrepresented.

Do you support your best friend even when guilty of mass murder? We do

Imagine a father having to claim his dead young daughter at two hospitals because her battered body was torn apart and ended up in two separate hospitals.

Joe Clifford Global News Centre

(JAMESTOWN, RI) Every single major terrorist attack against the US was followed by either a note or tape explaining why they attacked the US. The all have one thing in common. All of them say they attacked the US because of its blind support of Israeli policies and cruelty towards Palestinians, a fact largely kept secret from the US public.

The latest illegal attack on Gaza by Israel, in which civilians are being slaughtered by the Israel defense force, is once again being supported by US political leaders. The US Senate passed a unanimous resolution supporting Israel’s killing of over 600, people most of whom are children and women which merely adds fuel for terrorists and endangers American lives. Congress however, is much more responsive to Israel’s bidding than it is to the American public.

Journalism must regain its role in bringing power to account

Andy Coulson, former News of the World editor and ex-press secretary to British Prime Minister David Cameron outside the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court in London. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Andy Coulson, former News of the World editor and ex-press secretary to British Prime Minister David Cameron outside the Old Bailey Central Criminal Court in London. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The Future of Journalism series: part 4 The worldwide move to paywalls is seen as a temporary solution to journalism’s problems. Quality, not quantity, of information will be key.

Kate Shanahan Irish Times

The worldwide move to paywalls has been termed by some as a temporary solution to journalism’s problems. Analysing that change, Ken Doctor of the Newsonomics website pointed out last year: “It will be hard to explain to people in 2020 how the early ‘online newspapers’ were free for 15 years. Now the challenge is making them work, and offering the customers more for their money. That’s a big topic for 2014 and the years beyond.”

Look what we have done to Iraq. Shame, Shame!

Joseph Clifford Global News Centre

If you want to know why Iraq is dissolving into anarchy, death, destruction, and total devastation, you should take a minute to recall what the US has done to that country. We supported the dictator Saddam Hussein with weapons and chemicals which he used against the Iranians in an eight year war. During that war we supported both sides, a completely immoral act, thus insuring a bloodier outcome. After supporting him with weapons he subsequently, according to the US government, turned from our friend (recall the infamous picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking his hand) into being a “Hitler” like, and we turned against him and launched two wars against the Iraqi people. The first occurred because he invaded Kuwait after the American ambassador April Glaspie, gave him the wink and nod to do so.

Khalifa Haftar and el-Sisi-The latest US backed dictator stooges and two more reasons why we are hated.

By Joseph Clifford

Khalifa Haftar is the military leader who is currently trying to regain control of Libya. He has a fascinating past which is not being reported by US mainstream media which has become useless as a “news” source. There are some important things the American public should be aware of, because with this knowledge you begin to smell something rotten in Denmark.

Edward Snowden vindicated by public, but not government officials who have been caught in a web of lies.

Joe Clifford Global News Centre

The latest Newsweek poll of the US public on Edward Snowden has reaffirmed my faith in the US public, because despite all the propaganda by the administration officials, right wing members of Congress, and the corporate media, which merely regurgitates the official government line, about how bad, evil, cowardly, and traitorous Mr. Snowden is, the public saw through it and understands Snowden is the good guy and they are the bad guys. 

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