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Nonviolent action: minimizing the risk of violent repression



Police and military personnel may be violent at nonviolent actions for various reasons. In my experience, the most important ones are because they are directed to use violence as a form of political repression and because they are afraid.

Robert J. Burrowes Global News Centre

(TASMANIA)   In a recent article, full of insight, Professor Bill Quigley identified ten different illegal actions police often take ‘to prevent people from
exercising their constitutional rights’ to take nonviolent action to address a grievance. He noted that these police tactics are commonly used by law enforcement agencies in big protests across the US. See ’10 Illegal Police Actions to Watch for in Ferguson’ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-quigley/ten-illegal-police-action_b_6171964.html

Thoughts on the Ferguson matter

ferguson-rsThere is a saying that if a prosecutor wants it, the grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.  However, in cases involving police shootings, grand juries tend not to indict.

Ralph E. Stone Global News Centre

(SAN FRANCISCO)    Everyone now knows that on August 9 Darren Wilson, a white police officer, shot and killed Michael Brown, an African-American teenager, in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. On November 24, a St. Louis grand jury announced that it was not indicting Mr. Wilson.

Obama orders review of federal role in arming state and local police



The August 9 incident in which 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot by the officer and the local police later using automatic rifles and tank-like vehicles to control crowds was not the first time the issue about local police using military equipment has been raised.

FOX News

President Obama has directed a review of federal programs and funding that allow state and local law-enforcement agencies to acquire surplus military equipment, a senior administration official said Saturday.

Video shows St Louis man killed by police wasn’t “thrashing around” with a knife…. after all

Frame from video that police didn't anticipate.

Frame from video that police didn’t anticipate.

Police story of second shooting in Missouri contradicted by new video

Global News Centre

(FERGUSON)  A second Black man was killed by police near Ferguson, Missouri, where an ongoing protest packed with questionable police commands, treatment of protestors and media, rages on over the Ferguson Police deadly shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown.

The police chief of St. Louis was on the scene of the second shooting, soothing the feelings of people by assuring them that the latest man to die from TWELVE police bullets fired on a public sidewalk, was a danger to police, he stated that the man was “thrashing around” with his knife.

Being confronted by Officer Go F*uck Yourself in Ferguson

officer-gyfy2If a 20-year veteran police lieutenant acts like this, we are all in trouble…

Global News Centre

(FERGUSON)  Those of us watching a Livestream feed from protestors Wednesday night saw the most disturbing video clip, of a rogue police officer with an assault weapon thrashing around and threatening to kill peaceful, non violent demonstrators.

The officer pointed his rifle at Rebelutionary_Z’s companion, identified as Josiah (an African-American), and said “I will f*cking kill you, get back.”

The High Cost of Using War Criminals to Train U.S. Police

cops-militantAnti-Defamation League is now funding ‘anti-terrorism’ efforts as apartheid Israel’s Human Rights violations stack up.

(SALEM/TEL AVIV) Members of the American law enforcement community are being trained in Israel, where Human Rights violations by police and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are a matter of policy, under Israel’s morally bankrupt apartheid political system.

Anonymous #OpFerguson Makes Demand for National Police Standards

brown-mike-shotAbusive, criminal cops are turning the USA into a frightened, fascist state where anything goes as long as the guy with the gun has a badge.  A recent case in Missouri where an unarmed teen with his hands in the air was shot to death, might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Global News Centre

(FERGUSON, Mo.)  A few days ago, in Ferguson, Missouri - USA the Ferguson Police Department shot an un-armed teen 6 times and killed him. His body was left to lie in a pool of blood in the sweltering heat for hours while the police militarized the area against protesters and attempted to concoct a reasonable story as to why they snatched this innocent students life for no reason. The St. Louis County Sheriff Department even sealed the roads leading to Ferguson in a vain attempt to prevent protesters from reaching the city.  His name was Mike Brown, he was 17 - and he would have started college next week. Instead, his family is struggling to come up with funeral costs.

American Boy Relentlessly Beaten by Israeli Police

Photo of Tariq Abu Khdeir courtesy: mondoweiss.net

Photo of Tariq Abu Khdeir courtesy: mondoweiss.net

For a second, Tariq Abu Khdeir, 15, thought he had died as he regained consciousness from a beating he suffered at the hands of Israeli police on Thursday, during a riot in Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood that broke out after the murder of his cousin Muhammad.

Jerusalem Post

(JERUSALEM) “I thought I was dead for a second until I found out I was in the hospital,” the teenager told The Jerusalem Post on Monday, just one day after he had been released to house arrest.

Police Brutality At Its Finest: California Highway Patrol Officer Beats A Black Woman Senseless On The Side Of The Freeway

woman-beatenUnnecessary and excessive: That’s what one man is calling a fierce encounter he captured on video between a CHP officer and a woman two days ago.

Global News Centre

(LOS ANGELES) The video starts rolling right around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. A woman walking on the eastbound 10 Freeway near the La Brea onramp is tackled on the roadside shoulder by a CHP officer. The officer unleashes a barrage of punches to her face.

An Open Letter to Cecily McMillan

Cecily McMillan

Cecily McMillan

Robert Burrowes Global News Centre

I have been reading accounts of your recent trial and conviction following your arrest at the Occupy Wall Street celebration at Zuccotti Park in 2012.

I found your brief statement at sentencing – http://justiceforcecily.com/statements/cecily-sentencing/ – and your statement to your supporters – http://www.truthdig.com/report/page3/they_cant_outlaw_the_revolution_20140518 – both insightful and evocative and it brought to mind the compassionate and powerful statements of the great nonviolent activists – such as Mohandas K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. – who have gone before you.

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