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New Ruling Finds Cannabis To Be The Most Medicinal Plant In The World

More than a dozen U.S. states have now completely decriminalized the act of possessing marijuana and both Colorado and Washington have made it legal to possess, sell, transport and cultivate the plant. But soon it may be legalized across the entire country following a decision Thursday by the federal government.

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Welcome To My Gallery By Jamal Belica Of A.E.M.G.


Boss-Towns Miss Ireland With JB A.E.M.G. Studios

Twelve-year-old Jamal Belica, founder of Aldin Entertainment, is attracting even more attention with the release of one of his most ambitious videos thus far, “Welcome to My Gallery.” Featured in it are his father “Ace” and Boston poet and hip-hop artist Weegil. It is an entertaining romp where the members get together and showboat a bit. Jamal has put together a fun project for all, both for the performers and for the viewing public. Another home run, Jamal!

Jay R. Crook, Ph.D. Global News Centre

Unleashed: “Them Crazies…Cutting up them Babies”

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Published by Allyson Zoto

I first encountered Ace by chance several months ago whilst browsing some circumcision protest videos on youtube and was immediately struck by his songs: Day after day, and Leave those babies alone. What great tunes and such powerful lyrics. Also some superb graphics. This man really gets it!

Film by Jamal, Benjamin, and Alexander Belica

The Belica Boys“I met Agron Belica at an unusual interfaith conference in New York City. He was a professional, but also a passionate man. I soon discovered that my friend is at once a writer, a singer, and a man of many hobbies. His book on who actually was on the cross caused a stir in academia, yet Agron is not an academician. I was surprised to hear my friend’s songs, which again were artistically moving; yet, my friend is neither a professional musician nor a poet. Agron and I discovered a spiritual affinity between us, which I cannot explain. It is beautiful and enriching.”  -Professor Mahmoud Ayoub Hartford Seminary

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RE: A Musician Well Ahead of His Time, Ace Releases ‘Unleashed’


Agron Belica

Tim King Global News Centre

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Agron Belica is gaining a larger audience every day with his songs about disaster and human suffering. He is ahead of his time and the world is struggling to keep up with him.

Medicinal cannabis ‘a miracle’ treatment for my daughter, mum tells Tas inquiry

A Tasmanian mother has told a parliamentary inquiry how medicinal cannabis has miraculously improved the health of her nine-year-old daughter who suffers from a rare genetic disorder.

Jesus ‘Healed Using Cannabis’ By Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles

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“What’s sweet, smells good, and in a holy book” -Cannabis by Agron Belica 2011

Jesus as almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.

Revolution: Sing That Song’ Absolutely Kicks Ass

Author and Musician

Hard hitting East Coast lyrics with a shot of UK street logic; this new cut by Ace, Arafat and Gandhi is so powerful that it can’t be held back

Tim King 2014 Repost

DEA targets doctors linked to medical marijuana

US Drug Enforcement Administration investigators have visited the homes and offices of Massachusetts physicians involved with medical marijuana dispensaries and delivered an ultimatum: sever all ties to marijuana companies, or relinquish federal licenses to prescribe certain medications, according to several physicians and their attorneys.

The stark choice is necessary, the doctors said they were told, because of friction between federal law, which bans any use of marijuana, and state law, which voters changed in 2012 to allow medical use of the drug.

The DEA’s action has left some doctors, whose livelihoods depend on being able to offer patients pain medications and other drugs, with little option but to resign from the marijuana companies,where some held prominent positions.

Tim King Talks Glassblowing With John Kelly At Awear

One of the coolest aspects to me is how collaborativeand imaginative this form lends itself to creativity, being able to make a few sections and have friends do the same and build a piece however the mind conceives it.  —John Kelly

Tim King: John, your glassblowing is incredible. How long have you been involved in this art and what drew you in to it?

John Kelly: Both Adam and I have been glassblowers for almost 20 years now. We lived in Portland, Oregon, in the mid ’90’s which was the center for these kinds of arts at the time. We both got swept away with the freedom that medium offers you. One of the coolest aspects to me is how collaborative  and imaginative this form lends itself to creativity, being able to make a few sections and have friends do the same and build a piece however the mind conceives it.Tim King: On the West Coast, glassblowing has been popular for many years. Is the business thriving on the East Coast in places like Portland, Maine?

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