Revolution: Sing That Song’ Absolutely Kicks Ass

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Hard hitting East Coast lyrics with a shot of UK street logic; this new cut by Ace, Arafat and Gandhi is so powerful that it can’t be held back

Tim King 2014 Repost

YoNi Yo - Special ft. Revolt Klan & Unix

“This track has a strong message for the world”.Fatjon Cota Albanian pop sensation 

The raw, international sound of ‘Revolution: Sing That Song’ - it’s like Lowkey meets Everlast… and it is a convincing call to arms for those willing to speak out against the victimization of poor huddled masses. Call to arms is figurative, after all the pen is mightier than the sword, in fact the pen quite literally is our sword.

Beautiful Hope by Agron Belica

At first I objected to the use of gunfire scenes in the video, as it contrasts with our mission of peace, but then I was told that I must watch the film ‘Equilibrium’, and after I did, things began to make much more sense. The imagery from that film, used in this video, screams power and is a call for people to wake up and pay attention to what is going on around them.

Even if the physical bodies of Americans, Canadians and Britons are free, their will has been fully hijacked and compromised. The power, with few exceptions, is in no way in the hands of the people themselves. Do I think good can be achieved by an unarmed populace fighting an oppressive government? It would be my preference, but the answer, “no way,” resounds from pure logic. This song is packing heat, any way you look at it.

I hear this song and think of the challenges that have faced the world’s most well-known rebels, also known in some circles as revolutionaries, freedom fighters, and in the west, of course… ‘terrorists’.

Unleashed by Ace

In Ace, Gandhi and Arafat, I see the spirit of the Lion of Libya, Omar Mukhtar, who battled the Italian fascist invaders (responsible for building the world’s first modern-day concentration camps) who knew the fight against ruthless, well funded military tacticians must be waged with total conviction and zero fear, and a lot of guns.

However, I also see in them three hardcore ambassadors for education and peace. Mahatma Gandhi himself once said there is a fine line between peaceful resistance and cowardice, we must know when necessity forces the switching of gears.

One of these Dayz by Agron Belica: Palestine Will Be Free

We have the honor of featuring commentary from Jay R. Crook Ph.D.,  Albanian pop sensation Fatjon Cota, Joelah Carter “JC” Harlem Knights and

The French author and philosopher Albert Camus asked, “What is a rebel?” He answered his own question thus: “A man who says no.”Yes, a rebel is a man who says “no” to oppression, injustice, violence, corruption, racism, and all the other social, political, and economic evils of mankind. Sometimes he is struggling against the conditions of his own life; at other times, he is protesting the conditions of the unprotected, the forgotten, or the ignored whose rights have been trampled upon by the bullies of street gangs or of world-class imperialists; there is no moral difference between them.

Skender Bey feat. Ace A.E.M.G.

Leave those Babies Alone by Agron Belica

In the 15th century, the Albanian hero Skanderbeg, a rebel against ethnic oppression, took on and defeated the armies of the mighty Ottoman Empire. Inspired by his example,Ace has fought his own battles against oppression and abuse, progressing from them to join with other rebels who are fighting against the status quo from Palestine to Sri Lanka, wherever injustice and oppression prevail in this century.

For Ace, Gandhi, and Arafat it is a battle they know will never end, for injustice is like the many-headed Hydra of Greek mythology. Strike off one head and two more will replace it. The murdered Vittorio Arrigoni once said, “Die for something, or die for nothing.” Malcolm X, also martyred, said, “If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.”

Being a rebel can be serious business. As ever, Ace gives voice to his rebellion through music.
The Rebellion” album will be released in the summer of 2013 along with a documentary; dynamic collaboration by Aldin Entertainment & Reversion Records!  —Jay R. Crook, Ph.D.

This track and video is off the meters. Music Entertainment at it’s finest. Looking to hear more from Ace, Gandhi, and Arafat. In addition, the Hardcore rap track off the Two Swords Album…straight Gangsta! Great Job with video production Tim King and Agron Belica. Powerful and Explosive! <5 stars for the whole team!!! - Joelah Carter (Harlem Knights)

Ace Belica is to human activism and hip hop what Maverick is to Top Gun. He is the “Ace” and sometimes I think he has one up his sleeve!
Noted hip-hop artist Paul “Sibylline” Lapierre

Look for features on the GNC by Ace and Sibyline about social and human issues.

Revolution: Sing That Song by Ace feat. Arafat & Gandhi Produced by Kosova Beat, Ace, Arafat, and Gandhi Mixed & Mastered by DJ Halabi Aldin Entertainment Music Group & Reversion Records 2013Video production by Tim King & Agron Belica

Agron “Ace” Belica 

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