RE: A Musician Well Ahead of His Time, Ace Releases ‘Unleashed’


Agron Belica

Tim King Global News Centre

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Agron Belica is gaining a larger audience every day with his songs about disaster and human suffering. He is ahead of his time and the world is struggling to keep up with him.

As his songs show, central to his thinking is the suffering of the Palestinians and the brave activists who have even given their lives in their work to aid them. From there, his songs have embraced the developments of what many call ‘The Arab Spring.’ He has also written songs about my articles revealing the war crimes in Sri Lanka. It is hard work but the harder it gets, the finer this musician who uses the name ‘Ace’, becomes.

Perhaps it is the ultimate lesson in following your heart. We all know right from wrong, but it takes courage to do anything about injustice. Agron’s music embodies that courage. He writes about the horrors of circumcision, female and male. His song “Leave Those Babies Alone” was featured at the pride parade in San Francisco, the largest that city sees each year. This video released by Aldin Entertainment in collaboration with DBEATS Records, Unleashed, captures the spirit of an entertainer who is even better known as the author of the thought-provoking book, The Passion of the Baptist, Not the Christ

Produced by D-Beats Records:

Agron Belica Harvard Books


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