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“One tail on an asteroid is unusual, six tails is completely unheard of.  These tails keep appearing, disappearing and changing directions.  Something else is going on here.” - Dr. Hakeem Olusey, astrophysicist

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(SAN DIEGO)  NASA has begun a new series of “NASA’s Unexplained Files”.  On April 29th they broadcast a segment titled “Spacewalk of Doom”.   It stated that in Aug. 2013, Hawaii astronomers found an intriguing object between Jupiter and Mars they named P5. Dr. Lawrence Garvie, meteorite expert, said: “What is particularly unusual about this object is that it has several cometary tails.”

The narrator said: “Astronomers are perplexed by what they see. A month later astronomers tracked the object using NASA’s powerful Hubble telescope.  What they see blows their mind.”

According to Dr. Lawrence Garvie: “The asteroid has 6 distinct cometary tails emanating from the nucleus of the asteroid.  Every time they look at it, it looks different.”

The discovery of this bizarre six cometary tail asteroid is another in a series of discoveries that enhance my concept of static electricity of comets while casting doubt on the flaky snowball concept of comets. In a May 13, 1986 snail mail letter written to me from JPL, Dr. Stephen Edberg, he wrote: “The invention of a new and unmeasurable phenomenon ‘magnetic field currents’ is not necessary.  Until you can provide predictions of phenomena that cannot be explained by physics as presently understood your ideas will not be incorporated into the body of physical knowledge. The essence of scientific advancement is the increased understanding of more phenomena; your ideas so far do not offer this.”

Since then many phenomena have been discovered that has defied explanation by physics as presently understood.  Now, 30 years later the scientists are still confused by the very same phenomenon and are trying to “invent” a theory to explain it

Dr. Hakeem Olusey, astrophysicist, said: “One tail on an asteroid is unusual, six tails is completely unheard of.  These tails keep appearing, disappearing and changing directions.  Something else is going on here.”

The narrator said: “Asteroids shouldn’t have tails, let alone six of them.  As scientists try to solve the mystery, speculation mounts. One theory is that the tails might be caused by debris caused by a space collision, but the data doesn’t add up.”

Dr. Hakeem Olusey stated: “Collisions don’t make sense.  Collisions won’t raise six tails.”

According to Dr. Lawrence Garvie: “The tails keep evolving over several months so a different mechanism is involved.”

Dr. Mike Capps, technology theorist, said: “Attitude jets are pulses of thrust that you can use to control the spacecraft.”

Dr. J. J. Kavelaars, astronomer, said: “It looks like what we are seeing in P5 is not just that what’s spun up by the effect of the Sun’s radiation and the point that the material starts leaving the ship.  When you look at it another day the tail orientation is one direction and then when you look at it another day the things been spinning around multiple times since the last time you looked so now the dust is coming out a different way.  So it’s really a spinning problem.”

Dr. Lawrence Garvie said: “I thought it should fall apart with the high spin rate but this is so tough and so hard that it actually stays together. The material avalanches down from the peaks and into the troughs and then it is jetted into space as a fine stream of material.”

There is a definite difference between a comet tail and a six tail asteroid but the principle remains the same.  A comet travels at high speed against the radiated magnetic field of the Sun at extremely high velocity while an asteroid orbits with the swirling secondary flux magnetic field current flow of the Sun. Also, a snowflake and rare gemstones like diamonds, quartz, tourmaline, etc. grow naturally into six sided crystals.  An equally rare gem quality asteroid can generate a higher charge of static electricity than normal rock asteroids with a configuration of six sides or six points that would radiate an increased flow of static electricity capable of stimulating atoms of gases in the vicinity of its flow to a glowing state of excitement. With this concept, the comet nucleus as well as the asteroid nucleus does not sublimate or discharge ice or dust from the nucleus but simply radiates an abnormally intense flow of static electricity that stimulates the gases it encounters to a glowing, visible state of excitement. The demonstration I have been performing since 1978 generates a very weak charge of static electricity by rubbing a piece of polyethylene material briskly with my hand for ten seconds.  Then, by moving the polyethylene material or my hand near a fluorescent tube, the magnetic field current surrounding the static electricity charge will stimulate the gases in the near vacuum of the fluorescent tube to a very visibly glowing state of excitement. There are similar gases in the near vacuum of outer space and nature is very capable of generating static electricity by accelerating objects of suitable mineral composition through various magnetic field currents at extremely high velocity. These glowing phenomena will never be resolved unless the bizarre characteristics of static electricity are considered.

In another 4, 29, 2015 NASA Unexplained File titled “Hammer of Thor” it reported “During the STS 109 March 1, 2002 Columbia shuttle launch to repair the Hubble Telescope, astronaut Duane Carey said crews are always trained to take cameras & point them out the windows & take pictures.  Suddenly Carey is distracted by something outside the shuttle.”   Carey said: “I happened to look out my window & I noticed an artifact or something that appeared to be a metallic object of complex shape that was slowly rotating and flying about as fast as we were.”

The narrator said: “The object twists on its own emitting sporadic flashes of light as it moves.”

Dr. James Oberg, shuttle flight controller, said: “What is interesting to me is that it is not just a shapeless blob.  It’s an arc and as it tumbles some say they can see it writhing like a living being.”

William J. Birnes, author of “The Day After Orwell”, said: “It’s wriggling like a long worm, a long worm in space. What’s odd about it is that astronaut Story Musgrave described something very similar on his flight as well.”

Story Musgrave said: “There is an object that came from nowhere.  It wasn’t there & now it’s there.  We’re wondering what it is.  To what extend do we understand everything out in space?  We don’t understand anything. I got no answers.”

William Birnes said: “We would love to hear the specific explanation for what happened, what it is and why there was an electrical malfunction shortly thereafter.”

Duane Carey said: “We didn’t have time to pursue it. There is a lot of phenomena we encounter up there that is unexplained.  Perhaps one day when we have more people in space and more time to hunt down these leads we can answer those questions.”

The Narrator said: “In its search for answers NASA goes high and far into the depths of space finding impossible planets and distant star systems and mysteries in our own even in the very orbit of the Earth itself there remain things that cannot be explained.”

Again, the shuttle traveling at high speed generates a charge of static electricity around it and there are many strange magnetic field currents flowing throughout the universe. In fact in June, 1985 the Pentagon formed a panel made up of scientists from 15 universities and laboratories to investigate “A phenomenon that causes the space shuttle to give off an infrared glow.”  Whenever these current flows pass through an intense magnetic field it increases in intensity sufficiently to stimulate atoms of gases it encounters to a glowing state of excitement. This is the very same abnormally intense energy flow that creates the aurora borealis, the rings of Saturn, the “geysers’ of Enceladus, the “volcanoes” of Io, and all of the other mysterious glows the astronauts have been reporting for 30 years that have defied explanation by physics as presently understood.  For over 30 I have been demonstrating precisely how an abnormally intense charge of static electricity will stimulate atoms of invisible gases in the vacuum of a fluorescent tube to a clearly visible state of excitement. It has been a matter of excusable ignorance of the method for scientists to not realize what is occurring.  However, now that there has been a period of over 30 years that the science community has failed to develop a sensible explanation for these bizarre phenomena, it is becoming a matter of inexcusable stupidity not to investigate my concept.

The report of the electrical malfunction shortly after viewing the object, the reports of the Vega 1 spacecraft being “Zapped by an electrical charge which destroyed the camera” as it approached a comet, the measurement of X-ray energy near comet Hyakutake, the detection of “an abnormal  patch of magnetic field current  as an airplane flew through the aurora borealis and the discovery of a magnetic field flux tube between Saturn and Enceladus are clues that should not be ignored simply because it does not conform with the conventional wisdom of the science community.


chromie-edselEdsel Chromie is a Detroit Michigan native who moved to San Diego in 1965. Edsel is a World War Two Navy veteran who served as a motor machinists mate on diesel electric systems where he learned about the magnetic field current swirling around the primary current flow through a wire as a part of Navy training to trace the direction of flow of the electricity in case of torpedo damage.

This led to Edsel’s unique explanations of many phenomena of the universe. He also has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun tracking systems. Today Edsel writes about this unique set of life experiences for, conveying information that seems especially relevant as nuclear disaster, potential changes in the earth’s atmosphere, and what many view as an increasing level of natural disasters continue to dominate headlines. Perhaps many of the answers are on hand, yet unaccepted by the scientific community. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address: [email protected]

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