“I’m a classically trained violinist, I enjoy playing all genres of music especially, reggae which has a great positive vibe,” Melika Queely

Melika Queely is an exceptional violinist with a Caribbean heritage. Her mother is a Jamaican and her father is from St. Kitts. Melika was born in Birmingham, UK where she currently resides.

Melika has been playing the violin since the tender age of 4. During her youth she has played to various audiences who are always in awe of her performances. She also had a stint in fashion modeling.

She told us that her attraction to the violin began when she saw someone playing on television, it looked awesome and it prompted her to ask her mother to let her take violin lessons.

Since obtaining a degree in Music at Wolverhampton University, UK in 2009 she has aggressively launched herself into a career of music as a violinist and a professional teacher of music.

Melika was inspired and nurtured by many teachers, she says, “I have had quite a few teachers. Some really stand out for me and they were the ones who saw my gift and encouraged me to keep going.”

Playing music of different genres from Classical to Reggae, Gospel and Rock has shown Melika’s talents and abilities. A virtuoso in her own right Melika has toured Paris, Holland, and Switzerland playing melodiously with orchestras and individual performances. She also performs at many events in the UK as part of a string quartet and as a solo violinist.

Melika told us that, “Making music is my passion, and the combination of fashion modeling, and visual arts helps me to deliver powerful performances which are unique, stylish and full of creativity.”

In her young career her best performance was delivered in a church. She remembers how the audience was moved when she performed ‘How great thou art’. Melika says, “Everyone was touched including me. It was very special.”

Her musical journey has been very interesting and enlightening. Her lofty goals have not yet been met and she pursues excellence on a daily basis, and truly hopes to inspire others through her work.

Her hectic days — working, performing, and rehearsing — also include relaxing with family, shopping, gym and fun days out with her daughter Kaliyah. And gathering more inspiration from her mentor—her late grandma Queely who was a singer/dancer.

She extols the phrase “one good thing about music is when it hits – you feel no pain” (Bob Marley)



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