We still want Rajapaksa to go to the Hague - MIA

mia-654Tamil singer laments continuing roles of politicians who have served more than 30 years in office.

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(COLOMBO)   In the link below Maya Arulpragasam, who is affectionately called MIA by her supporters and the Tamil community, gave a frank interview to Channel 4. She, being a victim of the ethnic problem, and pained by the Mullivaaikkal Genocide of May 2009, would like to see Rajapaksa taken to Hague. As she has rightly pointed out that the change of regime is only a change of face.

Although the Tamils, including the Muslims, were mainly responsible in getting President Sirisena elected to the presidency, the 100-day program has hardly anything for the Tamils. if at all the benefits come to the Tamils in anyway, they could expect some by products to fall in their path from the program. Ranil, exposing his former characteristics, has categorically stated the huge Sinhalese army will not be removed from the Tamil Homeland. He has also stated that, as Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, it is not bound by any external trials. They will conduct their own trial and that too, to find to find out whether any crimes had been committed by the Sinhalese leaders and the army.

Please view Maya’s interview below..

While claiming that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should be taken to Hague for alleged war crimes, Maya Arulpragasam, the Sri Lankan Tamil recording artist said that Sri Lanka’s new government has the ‘same face’ as it includes politicians who have been involved in government for the last 30 years.

She said the Tamil community had embraced democracy and peace - the Tamil vote was largely responsible for Sirisena’s election - and that now the government had to restore “basic needs” to the community.

She told Channel 4 News that reconciliation can only come if the Sri Lankan government undoes some of the Rajapaksa regime’s actions, such as his militarisation of Tamil areas in the country’s north.

On the UN inquiry, Arulpragasam said “we still want Rajapaksa to go to the Hague”, but that peace in Sri Lanka’s post-war period was a priority for Tamils. In the years since the war there have been continued allegations of ongoing abuses such as “enforced disappearances” of Tamils and government opponents.


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