America should not go Greek in the bathroom

The Mayor of Houston Texas wants her city to go Greek. This is not a joke.

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(NEWBURGH, Indiana) I’ve been to Athens, Greece. It’s an interesting place. There are a lot of ancient buildings and lots of history. A lot of Christianity can be studied in Greece.

There was one thing that bugged me in Greece and that was adjusting to the bathroom situation. When our group was traveling and eating in different restaurants women would be doing their business in the men’s restroom. My wife went into her restroom and there was a man sitting on a toilet. In the men’s restroom women would come in and find a stall without regard to the men lined up at urinals. Or, a man would come in, flip his hair back and pull up his skirt. I don’t mean to sound discriminating but I thought that was weird.

I’m for equal rights but I am not for stupid. I don’t think any man who can’t determine which gender he is on a given day should be using the women’s restroom. This is the way it is in Greece. I don’t like it. Greece is one of the nastiest places I’ve ever been.

A woman should never have to be in the bathroom where one or a dozen men are doing their business. Or adult men should not be intermingling in shower rooms with women and girls. The scenarios can only grow. I don’t want to be in a bathroom with one or a dozen women. Let the men have their own public restrooms and let the women have theirs. Many businesses of course have one restroom and people of the opposite sex take turns and lock the doors when utilizing the facility.

The Mayor of Houston Texas wants her city to go Greek. This is not a joke. Mayor Annise Parker, a lesbian who has been open about her sexuality, helped push this law through in May. The ordinance bans discrimination against LGBT people in housing, in employment and in public spaces. The new law is called the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance or HERO. A controversial part of the law would allow transgender people to file a complaint if they are prevented from using the bathroom of their choice. The law has yet to be implemented. Thousands of signatures have been gathered against the new law. City pastors, priests and leaders of most all faith groups have cried out against it. Five pastors have even had their sermons/speeches subpoenaed. They’ve been suspected of making speeches against the new law or saying things that might be anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Mayor Parker is paranoid that these pastors may be speaking negatively about HERO or even her. She believes she can punish them if her attorneys can find statements in their speeches that are unflattering to her or the new law.

Is this woman crazy? Do I even need to ask?

Preachers and most all clergy have been voicing their opinions from the pulpits for a long time. Millions of people have been persuaded on how to conduct their lives ever since men and women started talking publically. I will admit that not all ministerial sermons have led people in the right way. However, People have the right in this country to express their opinions either pro or con about anything. We must protect free speech 110%. LGBT people, evangelicals and all the Houston pastors have a say. However, as for me, if any of the preachers in Houston are publically saying they think men and women should not be using the same bathroom at the same time then I’m going to say “Amen!”

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