What women want ?!

377582_554858051200934_1959336867_nInspired by: The Death of Feminism

Nahida Izzat Global News Centre

(LONDON)  Women want to be women

 Confident with her femininity,  not a man-like being

 Women want to dress like a woman, elegant, modest and serene

without being chastised or feeling devalued


Women want to be loving, caring and compassionate

Men around her are a father, a brother, a son, or a friend

Her companion is her love, not her “enemy”

Women want to complement man, not compete with him

Women want cohesiveness not conflict

Women want to create Life, care for Life,
Protect Life, cherish Life
Not destroy it
Women want to gaze at her newborn
with fondness and endless appreciation
Whisper to her soulmate:
this precious is made from us, for us, our very own miracle
Women want to hold her baby with adoration and devotion
Fill her CV with pride
Job: Mother
Not “Housewife” or “Unemployed”

Women want to play

Adorn the ambiance with joy and laughter

Twirl, glide, sway and dance

with her son or her daughter


Women want to be soft and tender like a petal of a rose

Ocean breeze on a hot summer day

Women want to feed the poor, offer bread to the hungry

Kiss the eyes, caress the tearful face of a little girl

Women want to invade hearts not countries

Embroider of the sweetness of her soul

Mercy and kindness, a warm shawl

Wrap the weak, lonely, lost and vulnerable

Women want to plant love all around

Meadows of wild flowers, a scent of paradise

Women want to spread her soul wings, fly up to heaven

Sprinkle the steep way up with daisies, lilies, lilac and jasmine

Women want to open her arms wide and embrace the world

Women Want Wonders

Women Work Wonders

If only you could see



Nahida Izzat

Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee who has lived in exile for over forty five years, after being forced to leave her homeland at the tender age of seven in 1967, during the six-day war. She has a degree in mathematics, but art is one of her favorite pastimes. She loves hand-made things and so makes dolls, cards, and most of her own clothes. She also writes poetry, participates in written dialogues and believes in building bridges, not walls.

She started writing when her friends insisted she should write about her memories, experiences and feelings as a Palestinian.When she did it all came out sounding—she was told—like poetry! So she self-published two books: I Believe in Miracles, and Palestine the True Story.

Her dream is to return back home to a free and liberated Palestine.

If you like poetry and are intrigued by the notion of learning more about Palestine, you can visit Nahida’s blog Poetry for Palestine for more of her writings; prose, poems, letters and dialogues.

You can write to Nahida : [email protected]com

“To smile when confronted with the most severe oppression, is an act of Resistance rooted in unparalleled beauty.”

~ Jonathan Azaziah

“And I, a Palestinian from occupied Palestine, refuse to share
my homeland with Zionist colonizers

~ Reham Alhelsi

“Facts” do NOT need laws to enforce, validate or defend them, what they require is research to examine their narrative and correct it for better accuracy and understanding.

“When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.”

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