Everyday I Ball - Young Adult Version By Michael Sanders

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“Everyday I Ball” is the debut novel from accomplished Basketball Trainer and international pro Michael Sanders. In the storyline, we follow the boggling double-lives of two high school student-athletes named Razah & Mizz. On the outside, the two boys appear to epitomize the high school dreams of book smarts, athletic prowess and popularity. There are darker forces at work however, as the two young men find themselves pressured by their unrelenting and heartbreaking inner-city environment.

As the pages turn, Razah and Mizz learn to apply their wits and charisma to a series of dastardly deeds, deception and even a high-tech bank heist in order to finance their master plan: the invention of the most powerfully addictive legal substance known to man and the foundation of a clandestine network large enough to export it worldwide. Can the boys maintain their double lives as ball players while friends, family, and the ever lurking city detectives become embroiled in their schemes?”


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