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Ace with Esther

My wife and I had some business in Boston and when it became dinnertime in the evening, we starting thinking about where we could have a good meal in nice surroundings.

The Old Havana Cuban Restaurant in the Jamaica Plain section caught our attention and Gentiana poked me in the side. “Let’s try some Cuban food for a change; something different.” After finding a parking space, we entered the restaurant and received a warm greeting from the hostess, Esther.  Seating us at a comfortable table, she produced menus and we began to scan the mysteries of Cuban cuisine. 122 Esther answered our questions and we placed our orders and surveyed our surroundings with pleasant anticipation.


Sixto (owner), Monica (Chef), and Esther (Hostess)

When it arrived, the Cuban dishes proved to exceed our expectations. Now we knew one of the reasons Americans used to flock to Cuba in the good old days: the food. We congratulated the chef, Monica, whom we met.

We also made our acquaintance with the amiable proprietors, Sixto Lopez and his wife, Wendy Tejada.

In the course of a delightful conversation with them, I asked Sixto which one of them was the boss, Sixto grinned and replied, “My wife is the boss; I am the little boss.” Gentiana shot a triumphant look at me, and we all laughed.


Ace with Sixto Lopez, and Wendy Tejada (Owners)

In sum, it was a delightful experience and we hope to repeat it in the future. Old Havana has everything: a pleasant ambiance, lively music, an hospitable staff, and GOOD FOOD!

Sixto with Ace

The Old Havana Cuban Restaurant

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